All the Freedom You Want with Yamaha Wireless MusicCast Speakers

Light in weight but big in sound, plus instant access to all your music.

You’re a free spirit. Nothing holds you back. If someone tells you that you can’t go somewhere, you find a way to get there. You like to bend the rules — aren’t they more like guidelines, anyway?

Those are all the things you mumble to yourself, anyway, as you futz around with the floor-standing speakers in your living room, trying to improvise a wiring system so you can somehow move them outside. Your goal is to have music for this afternoon’s barbeque. Instead, you have a massive headache.

It’s time to invest in Yamaha wireless MusicCast speakers.

Do What You Want With Your Music

Our MusicCast wireless speakers give you the freedom to listen to your music whenever you want, wherever you want. You’re no longer stuck in one room because that’s where your speakers are.

Whether you want party tunes for a gathering by the pool or some quiet music to keep you company while you take a nap upstairs, simply pick up your MusicCast speaker — the largest weighs just 4.9 lbs. — and take it with you.

But these wireless speakers are about more than the freedom to go where you want. They’re about the freedom to listen to what you want.

MusicCast lets you access streaming music and Internet radio stations as well as music files on your mobile devices and computers. Plus, Bluetooth® connectivity means you have access to all your sources. (Pictured: WX-010)

That’s because they have MusicCast, the wireless multi-room audio system that works with your own Wi-Fi®. They give you instant access to all your music. Wherever it’s stored, you can share it to any MusicCast-enabled device.

Size Matters – Sound Matters More

And thanks to a stylish space-saving design, MusicCast speakers can be placed anywhere — a shelf, a counter, a patio table. They can even be wall-mounted.

But don’t let their small size fool you — they deliver powerful, rich sound that fills your room. They can even be paired together for an even wider sound field.

Talk about freedom!

The WX-030 (pictured here) delivers exceptional sound clarity thanks to the two-way speaker design coupled with a large passive radiator that enables deep, rich bass to be produced from such a compact unit. High-quality formats such as WAV, FLAC and ALAC are all fully supported.

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