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Mike Levine

Mike Levine


Mike Levine is a writer and editor who has covered the music industry for many years. He's the Technical Editor-Studio for Mix magazine and the former editor of Electronic Musician. Mike has authored four books and reviewed everything from DAWs to plug-ins to interfaces, in addition to interviewing top producers, engineers and musicians. He's produced podcasts and video tutorials and has also written music for numerous national commercials. His compositions have been used on television shows for CNN, the History Channel, A&E and more. A multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, pedal steel and dobro, he’s played concerts, sessions, TV and Broadway shows, in addition to releasing two albums of original music.

Articles by this Author


Okay, you’ve spent days, weeks — even months — carefully crafting, recording and producing a song you think is pretty great. After innumerable overdubs, mixes and remixes you’re almost done. Then one morning you go to open the project file

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