Five Tips for Building a Band Program

The keys to success lie in doing these five things.

In our blog posting “Connect, Empower, Improve,” we described the numerous innovations introduced by Dr. Melissa Gustafson-Hinds, director of bands for O’Fallon Township High School in Illinois. Here, she offers five keys for building a successful band program:

1. Offer a variety of programs

One reason that the O’Fallon Township High School band program attracts so many students is the variety of ensembles it offers. Gustafson-Hinds oversees several concert and jazz band groups for different skill levels, so that all students can participate.

2. Connect with prospective students

Gustafson-Hinds runs clinics with the band programs at feeder middle schools. She also puts on joint concerts for middle and high school students. This early interaction stirs younger students’ interest in the high school band.

3. Connect students with each other

O’Fallon offers a private lesson program where high school students teach private lessons to students from feeder schools. This program teaches high school students leadership skills and prepares middle school students for high school band.

4. Offer big opportunities

Gustafson-Hinds organizes a variety of trips around the country for her band program. She makes sure that each year’s students get to do something new and exciting, whether it’s a parade, a bowl game or a major concert hall performance.

5. Be humble

Despite the program’s success, Gustafson-Hinds chooses to remain humble. She teaches her students to take their success in stride and to be grateful for the opportunities they have. This quality has also made her receptive to others’ advice, which leads to improvement.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Blankenship, LB Photography


This article was originally published on the Yamaha Educator Suite blog.

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