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Free iOS App from Yamaha for Clavinova

Wireless Audio Recording and Sharing Files:Yamaha CVP-700 Series with your iPhone/iPad.

Yamaha has created a great app that can be used to wirelessly record and send audio files to your friends and family! Chord Tracker is available at no charge from the App Store for use on your iPhone or iPad. Learn how to combine the power of your Yamaha CVP-700 Series (Clavinova) with your iOS device to share your sound.

Start by installing the Buffalo wireless LAN into the USB port under your CVP-705/709. If your router is a long distance from your Clavinova, and your signal not what you want it to be, a UD-WL01 wireless USB LAN adapter can enhance your range. This adapter can also be used in the upper USB port. If you have a CVP-701, you will need a UD-WL01 to use this app wirelessly.

The specific instructions are outlined below for the different CVP-700 versions:

For CVP-705/709 – follow these steps

  • Touch the “Menu” icon from the Home screen
  • Touch the display to go to page 2 of the icons
  • Touch the “Wireless LAN” icon
  • In Infrastructure mode, your Clavinova will begin to search for wireless networks – touch the desired network:

  • Touch the “Password” area in the display
  • Enter your network password
  • Touch “Connect”
  • When your Clavinova has been successfully connected to your network, a green icon saying “Connected” will appear in the upper right corner of the display:

  • Three bars is a strong connection, the dot is a weak connection (if too weak, may need to use the UD-WL01 Wireless LAN – see instructions below)
  • Return to the Home screen

For the CVP701, insert the UD-WL01 wireless LAN into the USB port and follow these steps to connect to your network:

  • Press the function button
  • Use the Tab button to tab over to page 2 of the menu
  • Press letter “H” to select Wireless LAN
  • If you do not see the names of any wireless networks, you may need to turn your Clavinova off and back on for your LAN to pick up the networks in your home (once back on, redo the first three steps above)
  • Infrastructure mode will allow you to connect your CVP, and your wireless iOS device to your home internet network
  • Once you see the name of the network you wish to connect to, use the cursors next to the screen to select
  • Press the bottom of cursor 8 to connect
  • Enter your network password, if prompted to do so
  • Once connected, the wireless icon next to the selected network will be green
  • Press exit, and start the setup to your iOS device

Instructions for your iPhone or iPad:

  • From your iOS device, go to “Settings” and make sure your device is connected to the same network as your Clavinova
  • Force quit all other apps that are open to avoid any interference
  • Launch the Chord Tracker app
  • Under the Instrument heading, touch “No Connection” if a pop up window does not appear displaying your Clavinova model
  • Select your model number once it shows in the display:

  • Now the Instrument area should show your model number (instead of “No Connection”)
  • Touch “Recording”
  • Next to “New Recording” you will see a red button to start recording
  • Touch this icon and start playing your Clavinova (you can also compose your music ahead of time on the Clavinova, and just press “Play” in the Song Control area for the song you wish to record wirelessly into Chord Tracker)
  • When finished, press the same icon (which is now “stop”):

  • After pressing Stop, the device will show you a title that has a date and time when the recording was made – edit this title to whatever you want, then just press “Save”
  • Your recording will now be saved in the Recording folder of this iOS device
  • To email or share your recording, select the song you wish to share
  • Touch the upload icon while in the “Recording” folder
  • For email, select the mail icon, and just add the email address (you can also store the recording in other locations, such as Dropbox and iCloud)
  • Your file is saved as an M4A audio file that the recipient can play:

An added bonus of this app is that after you have recorded your music, Chord Tracker will display the chords for the song you just recorded!

If your internet signal is weak, the instrument and iOS device may not connect. You can also change your CVP to “ADHOC mode” to create a network only between the instrument and your device:

On the CVP-705/709

  • Touch “Menu” from the Home Screen
  • Touch to go to page 2 of the menu
  • Touch the “Wireless LAN” icon
  • Touch “Mode”
  • The instrument will display “Changing to ADHOC mode. Continue?” – touch “Yes”
  • Return to Home screen:

On the CVP701

  • Press the Function button
  • Use the Tab button to tab over to page 2 of the menu.
  • Press letter H to select Wireless LAN
  • Press the bottom of cursor 3 or 4 where Mode Change is displayed
  • The display will change to AD HOC mode
  • Press Initialize using cursor 5 or 6
  • Press Exit

If you are in AD HOC mode, here are the instructions for sending your files from your iOS device:

  • Force quit all open apps
  • Go to “Settings” and select Wi-Fi
  • You may have to turn Wi-Fi off and back on again if the Device list does not populate
  • Under Devices, you will see your CVP listed – select your instrument
  • Your device will tell you “Not connected to the Internet”
  • Select “Join anyway”
  • Launch Chord Tracker app
  • Under the Instrument heading, touch “No Connection” if a pop up window does not appear displaying your Clavinova model
  • Select your model number once it shows in the display
  • Continue as above and once your device has a live internet connection, the email with your uploaded file will be sent!

For further information, you may wish to download the Reference Manual for your CVP Clavinova.

Just enter your model number, select search, and download the helpful PDF. Wireless LAN information can be found on pages 101-102 for CVP709/705, and pages 92-93 for CVP701.

Enjoy sharing your creations with friends and family – wirelessly!


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