Yamaha Percussion Celebrates 30 Years as an Exhibitor at PASIC


PASIC 2003


Students, teachers, artists, professional musicians and other members of the Percussive Arts Society will converge on Indianapolis for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) 2013 to see, hear and experience what's new in the world of drums and percussion. This year's event, which celebrates the promotion of percussion education, research, performance and appreciation for the percussive arts, takes place at Indianapolis November 13 – 16.

Yamaha, the only company to make marching percussion, acoustic drum sets and electronic drums, returns to PASIC as a member and corporate sponsor, marking three decades as an exhibitor by showcasing exciting new gear, promotions and performances. Over the years Yamaha has released a number of products that have raised the bar for percussion products all across the industry.

Check out the list of product introductions over the years. Do you remember any of these products?

1984 Ann Arbor, Michigan, Michael Udow, University of Michigan

1985 Los Angeles, California, Jay Wanamaker, Sheraton Hotel

  •   600 Series Timpani
  •   800 Series Multi-Toms and Bass Drums
  •   MS-8014 Marching Snare Drum
  •   SS-512 Snare Drum Stand
  •   YG-1000S Bells
  •   YG-250D Bells
  •   YGS-80 Stand
  •   YM-2300 Acoustalon Marimba
  •   YM-4300 Professional Marimba
  •   YM-6000 Virtuoso Marimba
  •   YV-2500 Intermediate Vibraphone
  •   YV-3300 Professional Vibraphone
  •   YX-330 Acoustalon Xylophone
  •   YX-360 Professional Xylophone

1986 Washington, D.C. Randall Eyles, Convention Center and Kennedy Center

  •   500 Power-Lite Series Snare Drums, Multi-Toms and Bass Drums
  •   800 Series Concert Toms

1987 St, Louis, Missouri, Norm Goldberg/Thomas Siwe, Adam’s Mark Hotel

  •   600 Series Concert Bass Drums
  •   6000 Series Copper Timpani
  •   BS-712/722 Bass Drum Stand
  •   DC-9160A DEAGAN Chime
  •   DC-9190A DEAGAN Chime
  •   DG-1590A DEAGAN Bells
  •   SS-722 Snare Drum Stand
  •   YG-1200A Bells
  •   YGS-85 Bells
  •   YM-40 Student Marimba
  •   YM-4600 Intermediate Marimba
  •   YM-4900 Professional Marimba
  •   YV-1600 Student Vibraphone
  •   YX-300 Student Xylophone

1988 San Antonio, Texas, Genaro Gonzalez, Henry Gonzalez Convention Center

  •   YV-2600 Intermediate Vibraphone
  •   YV-3400 Professional Vibraphone

1989 Nashville, Tennessee, Bill Wiggins, Stouffer Hotel/Convention Center

  •   700 Series Power-Lite Snare Drums
  •   BS-112 Drum Stand
  •   BS-412 Drum Stand
  •   DC-9150A DEAGAN Chimes

1990 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dean Witten, Adams Hotel

  •   4000 Fiberglass Series Timpani
  •   YG-100A Bells

1991 Anaheim, California, Dave Black, Disneyland Hotel

  •   7000 Series Power-Lite Snare Drums
  •   MS-9014

1992 New Orleans, Louisiana, Jim Atwood, Hyatt Regency Hotel

  •   MS-9114 Marching Snare Drum
  •   SS-735/745 Snare Drum Stand
  •   YC Yamaha Celeste Models
  •   YX-335 Acoustalon Xylophone

1993 Columbus, Ohio, Robert Breithaupt, Greater Columbus Convention Center

1994 Atlanta, Georgia, Tony McCutchen, Peachtree Plaza Hotel

1995 Phoenix, Arizona, J.B. Smith, Phoenix Civic Plaza

  •   4100 Series Fiberglass Timpani
  •   6100 Power-Lite Series Marching Drums
  •   6100 Series Copper Timpani
  •   800 Series Concert Toms
  •   8100 Field-Corps Series Multi-Toms and Bass Drums
  •   MS-9214/9213 Marching Snare Drum
  •   YM-2400 Acoustalon Intermediate Marimba
  •   YV-2700 Intermediate Vibraphone
  •   YV-2700G Intermediate Gold Vibraphone

1996 Nashville, Tennessee, Bill Wiggins, Renaissance Hotel/Convention Center

  •   YV-3710 Professional Vibraphone
  •   YV-520 Student Vibraphone

1997 Anaheim, California, Theresa Dimond, Disneyland Hotel

  •   750 Series Concert Bass Drum Stand

1998 Orlando, Florida, Beth Radock Gottlieb, Orange County Convention Center

  •   7100 Series Professional Hand-Hammered Copper Timpani
  •   MBL-832AU Marching Bells
  •   Multi-Frame II System
  •   MXL-832AF Marching Acoustalon-Lite Xylophone
  •   YM-1430 Student Marimba
  •   YMRD-2400 Marimba with Multi-Frame II
  •   YV-3910/M Vibraphone
  •   YVRD-2700 Vibraphone with Multi-Frame II
  •   YX-135 Student Xylophone
  •   YX-335RD Acoustalon Xylophone with Multi-Frame II

1999 Columbus, Ohio, Jim Rupp, Greater Columbus Convention Center

  •   CSB-1345 Concert Snare Drum (Birch)
  •   CSC-1455 Concert Snare Drum (Copper)
  •   CSM-1465 Concert Snare Drum (Maple)
  •   CSS-1455/1465 Concert Snare Drum (Steel)
  •   YM-4600A Professional Marimba
  •   YM-4900A Professional Marimba
  •   YM-5100A Professional Marimba
  •   YV-3710M Professional Vibraphone

2000 Dallas, Texas, Michael Varner, Hyatt Regency Dallas

  •   6200 Power-Lite Series Snare Drums and Multi-Toms
  •   MTS-9214/1913 MTS Marching Snare Drum
  •   SS-645/655 Snare Drum Stand

2001 Nashville, Tennessee, George Barrett, Nashville Convention Center & Renaissance Nashville Hotel

  •   3000 Series Fiberglass Timpani
  •   BS-125/425 Bass Drum Stands
  •   WS-860 Tom Stand
  •   YCH-585 Chimes
  •   YVRD-2700G Vibraphone with Multi-Frame II

2002 Columbus, Ohio, Susan Powell, Greater Columbus Convention Center

  •   4200 Series Fiberglass Timpani
  •   6200 Series Copper Timpani
  •   7200 Series Professional Hand-Hammered Timpani
  •   YG-1200 (1210) Bells
  •   YGS Bell Stands
  •   YM-5104A Professional Marimba
  •   YM-6000A Professional Marimba
  •   YV-4110M Professional Vibraphone
  •   YX-350 Professional Rosewood Xylophone

2003 Louisville, Kentucky, Rick Mattingly, Kentucky International Convention Center

  •   8200 Field-Corps Series Multi-Toms and Bass Drums
  •   9000 Series Professional Timpani
  •   CB-840AS Concert Bass Drum
  •   YG-2500 Bells

2004 Nashville, Tennessee, George Barrett, Nashville Convention Center & Renaissance Nashville Hotel

  •   GSM-1450 Snare Drum
  •   GSM-1465 Snare Drum
  •   GSR-1450 Snare Drum
  •   YMRD-2900A Marimba with Multi-Frame II

2005 Columbus, Ohio, Greater Columbus Convention Center

2006 Austin, Texas, Austin Convention Center

2007 Columbus, Ohio, Greater Columbus Convention Center

  •   3100 Series Aluminum Portable Timpani
  •   800C Concert Bass Drum Series
  •   CEL Yamaha Celeste Models
  •   Polycarbonate Carriers by MAY

2008 Austin, Texas, Austin Convention Center

  •   BSM Series Snare Drums
  •   GSM Series Snare Drums
  •   YM-6100 Marimba
  •   YV-1605 Vibraphone

2009 Indianapolis, Indiana, Indiana Convention Center & Westin Hotel

2010 Indianapolis, Indiana, Indiana Convention Center & Westin Hotel

  •   900 Series Concert Toms
  •   MSS-9214 Piccolo SFZ Marching Snare Drum
  •   YX-500F Xylophone
  •   YX-500R Xylophone
  •   YXRD-500F Xylophone
  •   YXT-500F Xylophone

2011 Indianapolis, Indiana, Indiana Convention Center & Westin Hotel

2012 Austin, Texas, Austin Convention Center

  •   6300 Power-Lite Marching Drums
  •   8000 series Concert toms

2013 Indianapolis, Indiana, Indiana Convention Center & Westin Hotel