Happy #EarthDay2014! Our electronic keyboards auto shut off after a period of inactivity. How are you conserving? ^JR http://t.co/WxYD8EKHE7
[Video] We love animated performance, "Pianoformance", by Massimo Giuntoli with a Yamaha Disklavier! http://t.co/4dWDsE0OIH ^MD
Music transcends all ages! Share your Yamaha keys with us on FB, Instagram or here and we'll share 'em when we can! http://t.co/lOgV9jN4h5
Can you name the famous owner of all these pianos? Hint: Not pictured is a "Million Dollar Piano". ^JR http://t.co/INAY01LYeS
Fun times at our Corporate Kickoff concert w/Yamaha artists Ben Folds (pictured), Josh Groban, Nathan East +more! ^JR http://t.co/E1H15dc7Tl
A snapshot from a fun, Paris-themed Awards Banquet last night! Mustaches and red berets...oui, oui! ^JR http://t.co/WVNFR1r3ag
Our kick-off week has begun. Today the Lennon Bus is on campus! Stay tuned for more fun throughout the week! ^JR http://t.co/OvNMf22MiH
Here's a quick Yamaha trade show throwback from 1985! #TBT ^RH http://t.co/5ErjSxwhhW
Stop by Gottschalk's in Merced, CA tomorrow for a demo on Banda Mexicana for Yamaha Arrangers http://t.co/xf1aV26hS9 http://t.co/mZ2z6szXNR