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5 Takeaways from NAMM’s “Hill Day” 2022

A trip to D.C. to push for more awareness of and funding for music education motivated me to do more at the local level to discuss the importance of arts education.

Bring Administrators Plans, Not Problems

Keep open lines of communication with administrators and the school board to ensure they are aware of your program’s plans, goals and needs.

Yamaha and 50+ Organizations Unite to Support Arts Education

Yamaha unites with a group of organizations to advocate for the arts.  

2019 Music Education Advocacy

Music education advocates travel to Washington, D.C., each year to meet with members of Congress to deliver a cohesive message: Music education is vitally important and requires sustained funding.

Build Bridges: Work with Administration, Parents and Other Teachers

Music educators must forge partnerships to ensure that their music programs prosper.

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