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Meet Yamaha Master Educator Omar Thomas

Omar Thomas is an assistant professor of composition at The University of Texas at Austin, Butler School of Music. He is helping educators rethink the way that they can build non-exclusionary curricula.  Feet firmly planted in the multiple worlds of music, Thomas is a leading voice in the belief that genres like classical and jazz […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Michael Pote

Michael Pote, an award-winning band director and highly sought-after speaker, clearly demonstrates that success in a large, high-profile program stems from understanding and utilizing the strengths of everyone involved. He equips students with the musical tools necessary to guarantee achievement at the highest level. Under his leadership, Carmel High School in Indiana has garnered national recognition, […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Marguerite Wilder

The ultimate goal for beginning band students is the devel­op­ment of skills and under­standing that enable the student to experience musical artistry. Marguerite Wilder’s innovative, game-filled approach to teaching fundamentals help set students on a strong path toward success. This technique helps teachers monitor individual progress while providing the students with a comprehensive, rigorous and […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Dr. Emily Threinen

Dr. Emily Threinen is director of bands and associate professor of music at University of Minnesota. She consistently works with composers, arrangers and performing artists of varied disciplines.  Residencies and projects with composers and new compositions are integral to her creative work. She is an active and in-demand guest conductor, clinician, conference presenter and performer. […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Dr. Kevin Sedatole

Dr. Kevin Sedatole is director of bands, professor of music and chair of the conducting area at Michigan State University.  He serves as administrator of the entire band program at Michigan State University, totaling over 700 students, which includes the wind symphony, symphony band, concert band, chamber winds, campus bands, Spartan Marching Band and Spartan […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Marcia Neel

Dynamic, energetic, exciting — these are the words used to describe Marcia Neel, one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of music education today.  This began years ago when she was a secondary music educator whose ensembles were known for consistent quality and attention to artistic detail. She has carried that philosophy and […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Anthony Maiello

With a broad and diverse arsenal of experiences spanning over five decades, Anthony Maiello‘s enthusiasm for teaching music is nothing short of contagious.  Having taught instrumental music education from the grade-school level through the university doctoral level, both in the United States and aboard, his experiences give him a unique view and approach to teaching […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Gary Lewis

A multi-faceted artist, Gary Lewis has done it all — from jazz performance and marching band, to musical theater and opera, to arranging for a variety of genres.  He has also been involved in entrepreneurial efforts such as establishing a contemporary music festival. With such diverse experiences, Lewis lives his belief that music serves as […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Craig Kirchhoff

Having appeared as a guest conductor throughout the world, Craig Kirchhoff brings a deep understanding of both traditional and contemporary literature to his sessions, including one titled “Score Study: A Different Perspective.” With a celebrated teaching career spanning decades, Kirchhoff is professor emeritus of conducting at the University of Minnesota and remains true to his […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Jerry Junkin

Whether conducting a group of professionals or students, Jerry Junkin is committed to ensuring that musicians under his baton make an emotional connection to the music. This comes, in part, as a result of choosing the exact, right piece of repertoire for the ensemble, as well as delving into the intent of the composer to […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Barry Houser

Students, leadership, excellence and passion — the core of Barry Houser‘s teaching, as well as his working with directors, is based on the intermingling of these four components. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he is the associate director of bands, director of the Marching Illini and the director of athletic bands, Houser […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Jeffrey Grogan

Jeffrey Grogan is an internationally known conductor and teacher who is dedicated to pursuing his craft and sharing the joy of musical excellence with young musicians.  His early teaching experience taught him the importance of “getting to work,” teaching grades 6-12 in a very small town. He quickly learned how to manage it all — […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Larry Gookin

Inspired by his own high school band director, Larry Gookin‘s primary focus when conducting wind bands of any level is for the performers to “say something.”  Mere perfection of the technical aspects of performance is simply not enough — the musicians must make a personal connection to the music, which results in an expressive, musical […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford has two strong tenants that guide his work as the director of bands and the founder/director of the Leadership Conservatory for the Arts at Tarpon Springs High School in Florida. First, he assists his students, and their families in understanding the connection between the artistic and music-making processes, and growing as individuals to […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd

Richard Floyd is the state director of music emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a recognized authority on the art and craft of teaching and making music.  He is an ideal director for honor ensembles or lecturer at staff development days and MEA events. Floyd specializes in challenging student ensembles and […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Cheryl Floyd

Cheryl Floyd is at home presenting on any instrumental music topic. But as the retired director of bands at Hill Country Middle School in Austin, Texas, she shines especially bright in the realm of “all things middle school.” At this incredibly challenging, yet significantly crucial, time in the lives of young music students, she consistently […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Douglas Droste

With a dynamic and engaging teaching style, Douglas Droste brings a level of enthusiasm to orchestral rehearsals, which stems from his determination to achieve musical success for every student, at every level, in every ensemble.  He is passionate about this approach and takes full responsibility for ensuring that students are motivated to perform at the highest […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Dr. Rodney Dorsey

Dr. Rodney Dorsey‘s expertise in music education stems from a diverse background of experiences, which include teaching at multiple distinct public high schools as well as directing college ensembles for decades. As an African American band director, Dorsey knows what it means and how it feels to be a minority — a unique and motivating […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Dr. Travis J. Cross

Dr. Travis J. Cross is the chair of the department of music at UCLA, where he conducts the wind ensemble and symphonic band and directs the graduate wind conducting program. His diverse areas of expertise make Cross an ideal presenter for any session designed to enhance the skills of the earnest band director. For example, […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Daniel Berard

In his inspirational and practical presentations, Daniel Berard, the assistant director of bands at Wakeland High School in Frisco, Texas, shares his experience of starting with nothing but a blank piece of paper and a vision.  He helped build support systems comprised of community members and parents to create a thriving program. He brings knowledge […]

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