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A Guide to Bass Fingerboards

It’s where the action is.

A Guide to Bass Bridges

The importance of the humble bridge.

Back to Bassics: A Guide to Bass Pickups

They play a big role in the kinds of sounds you can create.

Picking vs. Fingerstyle

You can go your own way.

Tips for the Beginning Bassist

Jump-start your journey to Bassdom by following these six guidelines.

Bolt-On vs. Neck-Through

Here’s what you need to know about these two different design approaches.

A Brief Guide to Bass Guitar Tonewoods

When it comes to the woods in your bass, beauty is so much more than skin deep.

The Advantages of Bi-Amping

It’s a great way to get more from your electric bass.

Presenting the New Generation SILENT Bass™

Advanced technologies take this revolutionary instrument to the next level.

The Ampeg Story

74 years of innovation … and still going strong.

Which Bass are You?

RBX, TRBX or BB — which is your soulmate?

A Bassist’s Guide to Compression

It can be an essential tool in developing your signature bass sound.

Tips and Tricks for the Road Dog

How to safely transport your bass gear.

Exploring the Yamaha Signature Basses

Three great players, three great instruments.

Choosing the Right Bass Guitar, Part 1: Four-String or Five-String?

The number of strings on your bass can have a big impact on your playing.

BB: Beyond Classic

A great bass just got even better.

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