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A Conversation With Bobby Shew and Wayne Bergeron

Two musical icons share their affinity for the newest Yamaha custom flugelhorns.

New Yamaha Brass and Woodwind Instruments for 2022

Precision craftsmanship assures superior tone, playability and durability.

Bob Malone: A Look Back on a Storied Career Designing Yamaha Trumpets

The Director of Yamaha Winds Atelier and Artist Relations prepares for a new chapter.

What’s the Difference Between Baritone Horn and Euphonium?

When it comes to these two low-register brass instruments, it’s down to the details.

What are the Different Kinds of Tubas?

Here’s what makes each one special.

What’s the Difference Between Alto, Tenor and Bass Trombones?

This is what makes each instrument special.

So Your Child Wants to Play Brass

How to get your son or daughter started on trumpet, trombone, baritone horn or euphonium.

What’s the Difference Between a Trumpet and a Cornet?

They’re not the same … and perhaps not even as similar as you may think.

How to Lubricate Trombone Slides

Keep those slides lightning fast.

How to Oil Brass Instrument Valves

It’s easy to prevent stuck valves.

Brass/Woodwind Instrument Finishes and Their Effect on Tone Quality

What’s the sonic difference between instruments with different finishes?

Meet the French Horn

It’s one of the most expressive brass instruments.

How to Clock Your Mouthpiece

Here’s an easy way to improve your brass performance and consistency.

The Importance of Trumpet Valve Alignment

It can make the difference between a good instrument and a great one.

Tuba Factoids

It produces the lowest pitches of all brass instruments … and there’s a reason why.

Swabbing Brass Instruments

This simple preventative measure allows your instrument to respond, play and sound better.

How to Keep Brass Instruments Clean … Inside and Out

Some simple tips to help avoid that panic trip to the repair shop.

Sean Jones’ Advice to Educators: Encourage Professionalism with Students

Teach your students that once they start performing, professionalism is as important as musical skills. 

Fix Winds Instruments in a Pinch

Build a toolkit and sharpen your skills to make small repairs to your students’ woodwinds and brass instruments.

Six Things You Never Knew About Trombone

Fascinating factoids about a fascinating instrument.

Boston Brass’ Quest to Educate Young Musicians

The Boston Brass entertains audiences worldwide with its range of repertoire and boisterous fun, but its primary mission is to advocate for education for all musicians.

Guide to Brass Mouthpieces, Part 4: Weights and Finishes

Are they just cosmetic, or do they change the sound too?

Blending Brass

Band directors and music educators can harness the strength of brass instruments to build a powerful ensemble sound.

Trumpet Trivia

Here are some factoids about the trumpet you probably never knew.

Remembering the Passion and Enthusiasm of a Beginning Trombone Player

“That’s my favorite trombone song in the whole world!”

The Mouthpiece Gap

Filling in the “gap” about an often misunderstood subject.

Guide to Brass Mouthpieces, Part 3: Throats and Backbores

Hidden inside but critical to the sound.

Why Use Synthetic Valve Oil on Your Brass Instruments?

Cure your sticky valves with an upgrade to synthetic oil.

Guide to Brass Mouthpieces, Part 2: Cups and Rims

Small details can make a dramatic difference in your playing.

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