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A Quick Guide to Weighted Keys

What are they, and why do you need them?

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Keyboard and a Digital Piano?

They may seem the same at first glance … but they’re not.

Which Digital Piano Is Right for Me?

Here’s what you need to know in order to select the ideal digital piano.

Using the Yamaha MLC-200 Lab Controller in the Classroom

Getting the most out of group keyboard teaching.

Bring Music Into Your Home This Mother’s Day

Help your child build a fulfilling life through musical experience.

Back To School!

Choosing the best keyboard for your kids.

Introducing the CVP800 Series Clavinova

It’s our most advanced Clavinova yet.

Creating a Worship Song With a PSR Keyboard

Recreate “Endless Praise” for your worshippers.

Pianos Without Borders

Yamaha Disklavier and Remote Lesson technology make intercontinental piano lessons a reality.

Introduction to an Old Friend

The CP88 keeps the classics alive.

The Rebirth of the Stage Piano

The Yamaha CP73 and CP88 are the latest in a long lineage.

flowkey and the Yamaha Clavinova

An exciting new collaboration with Yamaha that combines the best of two worlds.

Using Registration Memory

Eight dedicated buttons that allow you to store and recall your favorite sound combinations.

The Sounds of Halloween

Everything you need to turn your keyboard into a haunted piano.

The Disklavier Piano Pedals

The integral role pedals play in piano performances.

How to Subscribe to Disklavier Piano Radio

Bring your Disklavier to life by having your favorite artists perform in your home.

Yamaha Smart Pianist App Version 2.0

There are new features galore, and we’ve got them all covered here.

Getting the Most Out of Audio To Score

How to edit the chords, the score … and the stream lights.

What Are Style Files?

Add complete backing tracks to your performance.

Kooky Karaoke

Sometimes you just gotta get a little silly.

How to Add New Songs to Your CSP

Go beyond the songs in your iTunes® library.

Piano Maestro and the Clavinova CSP

Ready to learn to play piano? There’s an app for that.

CueTIME: The Software That Follows You

Put yourself in the driver’s seat when playing along to backing tracks.

You Are the Artist

Play along with your favorite songs by your favorite artists, on your favorite Yamaha keyboards.

How to Turn Your Keyboard Into a Music Player

Endless ways to get more enjoyment from your instrument.

Disklavier PRO Features – Part III

The differences between a standard Disklavier and a Disklavier PRO.

Disklavier PRO Features – Part I

Capturing key release velocity with accuracy.

Bring Out Your Inner Musician with the Clavinova CSP

Learn how to play your favorite songs using your smart device.

Using a Clavinova to Record Your Performance and Print Your Score

How to create a musical score with a CVP Clavinova.

Using the Free Yamaha Chord Tracker App with Your Clavinova

Record audio wirelessly and share the sound of your CVP Series Clavinova using your iPhone® or iPad®.

How to Use the Clavinova Piano Room and Session Mode

Choose your venue, choose your piano, then put together a virtual backup band.

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