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Q&A with Yamaha Master Educator Douglas Droste

The Ball State University director of orchestras explains why he is a dedicated advocate of music education.

Letter to Myself: Douglas Droste

Yamaha Master Educator Douglas Droste shares six pointers with his younger self about being a successful educator.

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Douglas Droste

With a dynamic and engaging teaching style, Douglas Droste brings a level of enthusiasm to orchestral rehearsals, which stems from his determination to achieve musical success for every student, at every level, in every ensemble.  He is passionate about this approach and takes full responsibility for ensuring that students are motivated to perform at the highest […]

Advice from Yamaha Master Educator Douglas Droste

Technique vs. Emotion Early in my conducting career and marriage, my wife, Amanda, and I were talking to one of my colleagues about a major orchestral work. He was going on and on about the conducting technique required to lead such a work. Amanda, who is not a conductor but a fine singer, started grilling […]

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