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Rec’n’Share in Five Easy Steps

How to get up and running quickly with this innovative app.

Top 10 Drum Practice Tips

These are some of the most effective ways to learn to play drums.

Tower of Power Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary

Half a century and still going strong.

There’s a New Kit in Town

Introducing DTX6 Series electronic drums.

Buying Your First Drum Set

Here’s what you need to know before you start shopping.

History of the Five-Octave Marimba

A unique partnership between Yamaha and Keiko Abe redefined the concert marimba.

The Signature Sound

Yamaha Artist Steve Gadd on the development of his Signature Snare Drum.

Larry Mullen Jr. Reflects on the Beginnings of U2

It was a casual remark from father to son that launched this legendary band.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Celestes

Inform your purchasing decision when buying a celeste for your school or church.

Seven Things About Chimes You May Not Know

There’s a lot to this unique instrument.

Compact Drums: Big Sounds in Small Footprints

Find the drum set that matches your lifestyle.

The Modern Drum Set, Part 5: Cymbals and Hardware

They provide the sizzle and support for your drum set.

Get More from Your EAD10 with v2.0 Firmware

New enhancements expand the capabilities and versatility of this revolutionary drum module.

Are You Ready to Make an Impact?

9000 Series Impact Drums can play a dual role in your school’s music program.

The Modern Drum Set, Part 3: Toms

From sound effect to drum set essential.

Marching through Time

A brief look at the history of marching bands.

Practice Exercises for the Beginning Drummer

Eight drills for your daily workout.

Choosing the Right Drumsticks

They’re a crucial element in developing proper technique.

How to Create a Signature Snare Drum Sound

The ultimate goal of every drummer.

A Brief History of Yamaha Timpani

Celebrating over 30 years of timpani.

How to Eliminate Unwanted Overtones in Your Marching Bass Drum

Create true resonant tones with the use of this simple product.

Snare Drum Warm-Up Wrap-Up

Putting it all together to create a comprehensive routine.

How To Get the Most Out of Your E-Drum Metronome

There’s more to a metronome than just a click.

Timpani Maintenance

Solutions to common timpani problems.

Five Reasons Why You Should Practice On Electronic Drums

There are many benefits … and your neighbors will thank you too!

Snare Drum Warm-Up, Part 4

Adding flams to the equation.

Snare Drum Warm-Up, Part 3

Accent patterns and wrist lifts.

Snare Drum Warm-Up, Part 1

Start with the big muscles.

How Do You Roll?

Developing your snare drum roll technique.

Snare Drum Rudiments

Improve your technique by increasing your percussion “vocabulary.”

Tips for Purchasing a Concert Snare Drum

Metal or wood? Coiled snares or cabled? Here’s what to look for.

Electronic Drums 101

The components, hardware and features you need to know.

Anatomy of a Snare Drum

How well do you know the parts of a snare drum?

Making Magic Happen

Presenting the Disneyland Resort All-American College Band.

Vibraphone Lessons with Rusty Burge, Part 1: Pedaling Technique and Grips

Learn how to use the sustain pedal and about 4-mallet grips.

Audition Advice

Here’s what you need to do to pass your next audition.

The Making of a Drum Sound

It’s all about good vibrations … and proper tuning.

Yamaha Mallet Resource Guide

A mallet percussion guide for young musicians and educators.

What Drumming Means to Me

It’s all about taking action and doing whatever you can to make your dream come true.

Speeding Up by Slowing Down

The benefits of taking it slow.

The Evolution of the Drum Pedal

Spare bicycle parts find a new use.

So Your Child Wants to Learn to Play Drums – Part III

Electronic drums for the beginner student.

So Your Child Wants to Learn to Play Drums – Part II

Everything you need to know about acoustic drum sets.

So Your Child Wants to Learn to Play Drums – Part I

A guide to picking the perfect starter drum set.

Pitfalls of Drumming on a Practice Pad

Tips and tricks for maximizing your rehearsal time, and the importance of getting on a drum.

Yamaha Percussion Terminology

Your guide to percussion terminology.

DTX Apps Make It Easy!

Free apps for the DTX-MULTI 12, DTX400, DTX402, DTX502 and DTX700 series of electronic drums.

The Most Awarded Music Instrument Brand in Drum Corps

Yamaha-supported drum corps take the prize year after year.

Top 10 Things All Young Percussionists Should Know

What you need to know before you play in an ensemble the first time.

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