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Step Up to a Better Electric Guitar

Find a new guitar that’s worthy of your improving skills.

10 Spooky Guitar Sounds

Make your guitar sound scary this Halloween.

Electric Guitar Tonality

What goes into great electric guitar tone?

Spotlight on Second-Generation Yamaha Revstar Guitars

These great guitars have gotten even better.

Top 10 Electric Guitar Effects

These are the sonic trimmings that bring electric guitar to life.

A Brief History of Yamaha Guitars

Decades of innovation and craftsmanship.

A Brief Guide to Electric Guitar Tonewoods

These are the woods that go into your electric guitar.

Twin Lead Guitars

Add this classic rock sound to your solos.

Go Behind the Scenes at Yamaha Guitars

Three cool videos about the history and design of Yamaha guitars.

Neck and Neck

When it comes to electric guitars, are all instruments equal?

Amp and Guitar Modeling 101

This exciting technology opens up a world of tonal possibilities.

Sibling Harmony

When two variations of the same instrument complement each other.

A Guitarist’s Guide to Compression

Looking to improve your guitar tone? A compressor can be your secret weapon.

The Importance of Aesthetics

Fall in love with both the sound and look of your guitars.

Resonant Frequencies, Part 2

Establish a resonant relationship with your body and your guitar.

Resonant Frequencies, Part 1

They account for good vibes … and bad ones too.

Guitar Basics, Part 1: How to Change Strings on an Electric Guitar

Here’s a video that shows you just how easy it is.

Brand Evolution

Represent your brand in a credible, current and appealing way.

Four Reasons I Travel With My Yamaha SILENT Guitar™

Portability, great sound, eye-catching looks and reliability make this a great travel companion.

Line 6® Videos, Part 2: Helix® LT

Access the power of Helix, even if you’re on a budget.

The SILENT Guitar Speaks

It may not make a sound, but it sure can “talk” to Helix!

Line 6® Videos, Part 1: HX Effects

A new compact pedal that gives you the power of Helix effects… and more.

Revstar: Great Look, Great Sound

Explore the wide range of tonalities offered by these custom designed guitar pickups.

Getting Amplified

A brief history of the guitar pickup.

The Sonic Experiment: Part 3

Twin Shadow finds his voice with Revstar.

The Sonic Experiment: Part 2

Andrew Aged shares his view of the guitar as a conduit for expression.

The Sonic Experiment: Part 1

What happens when you take two gifted musicians who have never met before and put them in a room with a couple of Revstar guitars?

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