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Holiday Lessons and Activities for Elementary School

Elementary students will enjoy these holiday- and winter-themed activities.

Elementary Music Crafts: Handmade Instruments

With a bit more planning, you can teach your elementary students how to make musical instruments out of straws, popsicle sticks, cardboard and paper plates.

Case Study: Grassroots Funding Through Social Media and Contests

An instrumental elementary music teacher in New York finds outside funding to buy instruments, equipment and accessories for her program.

Dollar Store Manipulatives for Elementary Students

You can find bargains at discount retail stores that can be transformed into learning tools for your elementary music classes.

5 Ways to Keep Elementary Students Engaged

Try these five lessons that will keep elementary school students motivated and excited about learning about music.

An Instrumentalist in a Vocal World: Getting Comfortable with My Voice

An instrumental teacher landed a job at an elementary school, which required her to sing.

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Teaching

Learn how to deal with these seven situations, which will save time and reduce stress during your first year of teaching. 

Bring a Sense of Joy into Elementary Music Classes

Focus on play and movement with elementary school students.

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