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Q&A with Yamaha Master Education Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis explains how great art and music can make you a better person. He uses his voice to emphasize the importance of music education.

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Gary Lewis

A multi-faceted artist, Gary Lewis has done it all — from jazz performance and marching band, to musical theater and opera, to arranging for a variety of genres.  He has also been involved in entrepreneurial efforts such as establishing a contemporary music festival. With such diverse experiences, Lewis lives his belief that music serves as […]

Advice from Yamaha Master Educators Kevin Sedatole and Gary Lewis

Kevin Sedatole: Only You Can Do the Music Early on in my college teaching career, I was trying to prioritize what aspect of teaching to focus on. I remember [Professor] John Whitwell preaching to our music education students, “Only do the things that only you can do.” What he meant was, only you can do the […]

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