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Spotlight on the WS-B1A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Wirelessly enhance the sound of your smartphone, tablet or laptop with this compact powerhouse.

Essential Gear for Your Home Studio

Ready to start outfitting your home studio? Here’s what you need to know.

Yes, There Is Such a Thing As Silent Practice

How to keep things quiet when there’s a budding musician in the house.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Great Sound

These earbuds, AV receivers, speakers and home theater systems are sure to delight.

Top Gifts to Encourage Your Child’s Love of Music

Here are some great ways to instill a passion for music.

The Pianica: A Great Way To Start a Musical Journey

Because making music should be easy and fun.

Ace of Space: The SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar

Now you can enjoy great TV and gaming sound anywhere.

Spotlight On Yamaha PHX Series Acoustic Drums

Creating the ultimate high-end drum kit.

Yamaha Products at 2022 NAMM

Here are some of the exciting new Yamaha products you’ll find on the show floor.

Yamaha Guitars at 2022 NAMM: A Preview

A look ahead at what will be on the show floor.

Top Stocking Stuffers

Affordable gift ideas for the musician or music lover in your life.

Expand Your Digital Keyboard, Expand Your Music

Resources galore for getting the most from your Yamaha keyboard.

Spotlight on the Yamaha PSR-E360 Portable Keyboard

This feature-rich instrument provides a great way to learn to play.

Ultimate Buying Guide

Luxury gift suggestions for the musician or music aficionado in your life.

Back to the Classroom

Here are some products that are perfect for the returning student … and their parents.

Summer NAMM 2021 Preview

Here are some of the exciting Yamaha products on display.

Everything You Need to Know about Lossless Audio and ALAC

You don’t have to lose quality to reduce the size of audio files.

Surround Sound Systems Explained: Dolby®, AURO-3D® and More

These are some of the most popular technologies for achieving immersive audio at home.

Why Do AVENTAGE Receivers Have a Fifth Foot?

This signature feature may seem like a simple appendage … but it serves an important purpose.

Anatomy of a Sound Bar

Explore the ins and outs of sound bar design.

Hi-Fi Starter Guide

Ready for a serious stereo experience? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Shop for a Surround Sound System

Here’s what you need to know to start enjoying immersive home theater.

There’s a Sound Bar for Every Space and Budget

Yamaha sound bars offer something for everyone.

What Is an Integrated Amplifier?

There’s more to great Hi-Fi than having a great record collection.

Get More from Your EAD10 with v2.0 Firmware

New enhancements expand the capabilities and versatility of this revolutionary drum module.

Step Up to a Better Keyboard, Part 2: Advanced Features

“Good enough” isn’t always good enough.

Step Up to a Better Keyboard, Part 1: Feel and Sound

“Good enough” isn’t always good enough.

Trends from CES® 2020

Here’s what’s new in consumer electronics for the year ahead.

Ultra Hi-Fi, Part 4: Going Beyond Perfection

Discover the secrets behind the Yamaha Flagship Hi-Fi 5000 Series.

How to Shop for a Sound Bar

All sound bars are not created equal.

Home Theater Basics

Confused by all the jargon? Here’s what you need to know.

Top Five AV Receiver Features

How to ensure that your AV shopping mission is a success.

Ultra Hi-Fi, Part 3: The Difference Made by a Balanced Signal Path

The quickest path to great sound isn’t necessarily a straight line.

The Changing Face of Home Audio

How to ensure that great audio never interferes with the aesthetics of your living environment.

Tech for Mom: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are some gifts guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

What’s a Receiver? Part 2: AV

The heart of your home theater setup.

What’s That Black Box On the Floor?

It helps make the thunder down under.

Home Theater on a Budget, Part 4: Luxury System

For the best audio, you need the best gear.

Home Theater on a Budget, Part 3: Advanced System

Ready to get serious about home theater? Here’s what you need to know.

Home Theater on a Budget, Part 2: Intermediate System

Take your home theater to the next level.

Home Theater on a Budget, Part 1: Starter System

Great sound is possible at an affordable price.

Is Bigger Always Better?

When it comes to speakers, size isn’t everything.

Wireless Amp Turns Outdoor Speakers into MusicCast

Connect your outdoor speakers to this MusicCast amplifier.

Make Your TV Sound as Good as It Looks

Why does your TV look so good – and sound so bad?

Fatten Up Your Thin TV’s Sound

Why a sound bar may be your best audio option.

All the Freedom You Want with Yamaha Wireless MusicCast Speakers

Light in weight but big in sound, plus instant access to all your music.

Why Are the Numbers on My AV Receiver Volume Control Negative?

Yamaha volume control with negative numbers delivers higher accuracy.

Pure Direct Means Pure Fidelity

Get the best possible sound from all your inputs.

Getting Home Theater Surround Sound in a Small Space

Enhance your home movie experience with Virtual CINEMA FRONT.

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