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How to Record Guitar and Build a Song Around It

Follow these tips to get great results.

Spotlight on The URBAN Guitar by Yamaha

Keith Urban and Yamaha collaborate to produce the ultimate guitar-and-lessons experience.

How Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Technology Works

The magic behind chorus and reverb effects in the air.

How to Get Lost in Guitar Effects … Without Losing Your Way

New sonic vistas await if you take things to the extreme.

Tips for Playing and Singing Solo

Take the stage with confidence.

How to Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time

Make the connection between single notes and the chord structures that support them.

Five Ways to Get From Noodling to Live Performance

How to keep your wits (and heart) inspired as you practice.

How to Play the High Notes on Your Guitar

Guitar fretboard navigation made easy.

Scales, Shapes and Contours

Discovering new melodic horizons.

Learning to Speak the Language of Music

The value of a musical education.

Desktop Amp Buying Guide

There’s a model that’s just right for you.

Giving the Gift of Guitar

Four things you need to know (when you don’t know anything about guitars).

Buying Your First Guitar

The “mojo” of guitar, explained in one cool video.

Creating a Television Cue with the Yamaha THR30IIA

A real-world session exploration.

Go Behind the Scenes at Yamaha Guitars

Three cool videos about the history and design of Yamaha guitars.

Practicing Through the Roadblocks

Butch Walker on staying inspired.

Flip the Switch

The transition between the left-brain analytical and the right-brain creative mind.

Which TransAcoustic Guitar is Right for Me?

There are six distinctive models to choose from. Here’s how they differ.

Her Name is Ruby

It’s not all in our heads. Sometimes it’s in our guitar.

Slide Rules

Open tuning and muting make for a masterful slide technique.

Phrase to Amaze

Use rhythmic displacement to add the cool factor to your solos.

MJ Ultra and the FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitar

“I know that I’m not wearing headphones, but I feel like I am.”

Power Practice

Here’s how to achieve your musical goals.

A Lesson in Humility

Composing in the moment.

Hitting the Sweet Notes

When it comes to live performance, a little preparation goes a long way.

Introducing the NX Series

Six new nylon-string guitars designed with the modern player in mind.

The Power Of Five

Using the minor pentatonic scale.

Going for the Rare Notes

You don’t have to be a chop-buster to be a heartbreaker.

Buying Your Child’s First Guitar Amplifier

To fully enjoy their new electric guitar, they need an amp too.

The Song Remembers When

Reworking classic tunes.

Spotlight on THR-II

The original desktop amp gets an upgrade.

Dialing In Your Live Sound

Critical listening and experience can prepare you for a successful show.

Going Solo

The skills you need to master and the gear you need to use.

Spotlight on STORIA

These guitars sound as great as they look.

How to Play Slide Guitar, Part 2

Expand your sonic possibilities with this classic technique.

How to Play Slide Guitar, Part 1

Expand your sonic possibilities with this classic technique.

The Importance of Aesthetics

Fall in love with both the sound and look of your guitars.

Nylon TA on TV

An out-of-the-box encounter that was truly inspiring.

Atmosfeel™: The Next Generation of Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Pickups

A revolutionary system that delivers the true sound of the instrument.

Major Scale Modes, Part 2: Dorian Mode

Using a major sixth to enhance a minor mode.

Major Scale Modes, Part 1: Ionian Mode

Evoke the sound of modality by simply inverting seven notes.

Don’t Be Afraid of the DI

Here’s a great way to record the Yamaha AC5M acoustic guitar.

Introducing the New Generation of Yamaha Red Label Guitars

A guitar that sounds and feels like you’ve been playing it for years — right from the very first note.

Ambient Inspiration

Changing your practice location allows the notes you play to expand beyond the same four walls.

Resonant Frequencies, Part 2

Establish a resonant relationship with your body and your guitar.

Resonant Frequencies, Part 1

They account for good vibes … and bad ones too.

Guitar Basics, Part 1: How to Change Strings on an Electric Guitar

Here’s a video that shows you just how easy it is.

Brand Evolution

Represent your brand in a credible, current and appealing way.

Playing with Intention

Planning and mindful practice can help you achieve your goals … musical and otherwise.

Breathing Between the Notes

Here’s a natural way to create air and space in your guitar phrasings.

The Principles of Musical Architecture

… and the ways they can guide you in your choice of guitar.

Utilizing Modeling Technology

The process of capturing guitar magic is easier than ever before.

The Art of Looping

How to create effective loops in live performance.

Crafting Your Signature Sound

When you know who you are and what your vision is, you can go about achieving it.

Altered Tunings, Part 2

A whole universe of possibilities open up when you turn a few pegs.

What Guitar Playing Means to Me

One musician’s journey.

Altered Tunings, Part 1

A whole universe of possibilities open up when you turn a few pegs.

How to Record TransAcoustic Guitar Effects

Add depth and interest to your guitar parts … without the need for an amplifier.

Visit the Yamaha Grand Concert Custom Shop

Modern descendants of a proud lineage of classical guitars.

Brooks Robertson In the Studio

It’s easy to make great recordings with the A Series.

Brooks Robertson On Stage

The benefits of using A Series acoustic guitars in live performance.

Take it to the Next Level with Guitar Artist Carl Tosten

How quality instruments enhance acoustic guitar playing.

Yamaha Artist Carl Tosten Introduces New A Series

Guitarist Carl Tosten introduces new acoustic guitars from Yamaha.

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