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How to Succeed as a Sole 6-12 Music Educator

If you are the middle school and high school band director, you can easily get overwhelmed, but with proper investment and planning, you can succeed.

Conducting 101 for High School Students

Conducting lessons enhance students’ musicality and build leadership and communication skills.

High School Student Leaders Can Help Recruit Younger Music Students

The best recruiters for music programs are our current students. When re¬≠taining music students from middle and elementary schools, your current students serve as the best public relations for your program. These student leaders are role models and can make an immediate and impactful impression on younger students. The goal of recruitment is for both […]

Music Education in Japan

What lessons can we learn from Japan’s emphasis on an early appreciation of music? A high school in Kashiwa is a prime example of this teaching practice and it consistently wins competitions.

5 Tips to Grow an Orchestra Program

Build your orchestra with these tips from McQueen High School’s Kenny Baker.

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