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Honoring Black Composers

Innovators whose music has brought so much joy to so many millions.

History Of The Organ

A remarkable keyboard that’s had a major impact on music across the ages.

How Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Technology Works

The magic behind chorus and reverb effects in the air.

Musical Instruments Across Asia and the Pacific Islands

Celebrate AAPI heritage by learning about these instruments.

History of the Synthesizer, Part 2

Technological advances from the 1980s onwards shape today’s synths.

History of the Synthesizer, Part 1

Tracing the evolution of audio synthesis through the decades.

The History of Yamaha CF Grand Pianos

More than a century of innovation leads to the pinnacle of success.

Celebrating Lunar New Year Around the World

From music to feasts, learn the important traditions of the annual holiday.

Yamaha AVENTAGE: Setting the Reference Standard for AV Receivers

Discover the future (and present) of home entertainment.

Cult Classics, Part 3: Vintage Yamaha Gear of the 1990s

The decade that set the stage for the future of home theater.

The Role of Piano in Jazz

The mainstay of jazz ensembles, and the masters of the instrument.

Cult Classics, Part 2: Vintage Yamaha Gear of the 1980s

The ’80s called. It wants you to check out some legendary audio gear.

Cult Classics, Part 1: Vintage Yamaha Gear of the 1970s

Travel back to the 1970s for a nostalgic trek through the best audio gear of the decade.

The History of Musical Genres, Part 4: R&B and Soul

Providing the backbeat to everyday life.

History of the Five-Octave Marimba

A unique partnership between Yamaha and Keiko Abe redefined the concert marimba.

The History of Musical Genres, Part 2: Blues and Jazz

An aural reflection of America’s melting pot.

The History of Musical Genres, Part 1: Classical Music

It may be centuries old, but it’s still relevant today.

The History of Yamaha AV Receivers

From humble beginnings to state-of-the-art.

Gershwin in Cincinnati

Recreating “Rhapsody in Blue” with the Yamaha Disklavier.

The Ampeg Story

75 years of innovation … and still going strong.

Reimagining the Way Student Violins Are Made

Computer-assisted craftsmanship makes Yamaha student violins easy to maintain

Birth of a Blog: 500 Articles and Counting

More than half a million visitors later, we’re still going strong.

A Brief History of Yamaha Timpani

Celebrating over 30 years of timpani.

The History of the DAW

The story behind the technology that changed music production forever.

The History Of Hi-Fi

65 years of innovation and great sound.

The Rupert Neve Connection

A collaboration that has resulted in the perfect blend of vintage and modern technology.

The Recorder: It’s an Instrument, Not a Toy

This serious instrument has a rich history that goes back to ancient times.

What’s a Receiver? Part 1: Hi-Fi

It’s not just for your father’s generation.

The Evolution of the Drum Pedal

Spare bicycle parts find a new use.

Feel Through Your Five Senses: The Development of the Yamaha SILENT Bass

An interview with award-winning Yamaha designer Shinya Tamura.

The Yamaha Story

It all began with a watchmaker’s trek over the mountains of Hakone.

Making the Impossible Possible

AI technology digitally reintroduces past masters.

The History of Disklavier, Part 4

When outstanding instruments met stellar technology.

The History of Disklavier Part 2

Keeping up with the tech boom.

The History of Disklavier, Part 1

The birth of the world’s most advanced piano.

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