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The Teacher’s Role in Developing Good Practice Habits

From the first lesson, it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide students with the necessary tools to practice effectively at home.

12 Practice Tips, Suggestions and Strategies

Try these practical practice guidelines to help students develop as performing pianists.

The Different Types of Practice

Before piano teachers can help students learn to practice efficiently, they must understand the various types of practice.

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Rhythmic Accuracy on the Piano

Rhythm is the bedrock of music. Without it, we would have a random set of pitches aimlessly poking through our sonic world. A strong understanding of rhythm and the development of an internal pulse are key skills all musicians and music students must possess. However, too often, students and even their teachers focus their efforts […]

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Basic Piano Technique

Piano students often say, “My technique isn’t good enough” or “I really want to play this piece, but it’s too hard, and I feel really tight and tense.” These insecurities are often the result of not establishing healthy habits at the piano. These issues should be addressed from their very first lessons so that students […]

Fix It: Teaching Tips for Playing Even Scales on the Piano

Major and minor scales and arpeggios are some of the simplest and most useful music patterns and exercises available to pianists to build and maintain their technique. Moreover, these patterns are the building blocks of all tonal music, so practicing them not only helps develop technical facility at the keyboard, it also helps to train […]

Fix It: Piano Pedaling Teaching Tips

I started taking piano lessons when I was 6 years old. I loved the music of Chopin and Schumann and was thrilled when I grew tall enough to reach the pedals. It wasn’t until graduate school when I learned “Phrygian Gates” by John Adams that anyone talked to me specifically about the wide range of […]

10 Tips for Teaching Students with Autism

Teaching students who are on the spectrum is a fulfilling challenge as long as you are prepared and flexible.

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Mirian Conti

Mirian Conti is part of the faculty of the Evening Division of The Juilliard School in New York City. Her passion for helping young pianists across the world inspired her involvement in education, and she integrates new technology including the Disklavier in her teaching. Conti approaches keyboard pedagogy by teaching how to play the piano while […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Frederic Chiu

Frederic Chiu is an Assistant Professor of Piano at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He believes that piano playing embodies the best of humanity and sees the world of keyboard pedagogy through a lens of “Body/Mind/Heart.” Chiu embraces what at first glance may appear to be nontraditional techniques, including cooking and meditation, but these […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Andrea McAlister

Andrea McAlister is an Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio, the Director of Digital Content for the Frances Clark Center and the Senior Editor of Piano Magazine. McAlister embraces the magic of communicating through music and cherishes the opportunity to help students learn to play piano. She engages her […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Phillip Keveren

World-renowned composer and pianist Phillip Keveren is the co-author of the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library. The fundamental principle behind Keveren’s highly circulated educational piano music is “simple is best.” Striving to understand what students are hoping to feel in each piece, Keveren focuses on the educational experience behind the music he’s writing. To do […]

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Pamela Pike

Pamela Pike is the Herndon Spillman Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Louisiana State University and the editor-in-chief and chief content director for Piano Magazine. Pike is a highly respected and upbeat voice in expanding the world of keyboard pedagogy, and she stresses the importance of understanding the needs of diverse students in all stages of […]

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