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What to Do When There’s No Bass Player, Part 2

Add more movement to your left-hand bass playing with walking bass lines.

What to Do When There’s No Bass Player, Part 1

How to cover keys and bass at the same time.

Playing Well With Others

Performing with a singer or as part of a band requires a very different approach.

How to Transpose

Especially when working with singers, you’ll need this important skill.

Top 10 Practice Tips

Practicing is not performing — approach it with purpose for the best results.

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Keyboard and a Digital Piano?

They may seem the same at first glance … but they’re not.

Reharmonizing Songs, Part 3

A deep dive into finding alternate chords for your songs.

Celebrate Your Musical Heritage with the PSR-A5000

Meeting the musical needs of an ethnically diverse population.

Reharmonizing Songs, Part 2

Advanced concepts for changing chords.

Reharmonizing Songs, Part 1

Adding alternate harmony to a song is a great way to make it your own.

Playing By Ear, Part 2

How to learn songs by listening to them.

Playing By Ear, Part 1

How to learn songs by listening to them.

The Pianica: A Great Way To Start a Musical Journey

Because making music should be easy and fun.

Buying Your First Digital Keyboard

Here’s how to navigate the many options out there.

Jazz Voicings, Part 3

Using color tones to create inner voice movement.

Jazz Voicings, Part 2

Diving deeper into jazz voicings.

The Timeless Connection

Jackie Miclau on how music brings people together.

Jazz Voicings, Part 1

Exploring sophisticated harmonies and voicings.

Introducing the PSR-SX600 Arranger Workstation

A great partner for musicians at any level.

Pop/Rock Voicings, Part 3

Putting it all together.

Pop/Rock Voicings, Part 2

How to create colorful chords in pop and rock styles.

Pop/Rock Voicings, Part 1

How to construct and play chords in pop and rock styles.

Functional Harmony, Part 2

Digging deeper into Dominant seventh chords.

Functional Harmony, Part 1

Using tension and release to enhance chord progressions.

The Basics Of Chordal Harmony

Understanding chords and harmonic function.

Creative Ways to Practice with a Metronome

Think a click is boring? Think again.

Step Up to a Better Keyboard, Part 1: Feel and Sound

“Good enough” isn’t always good enough.

Tips For Practicing Technique, Part 2

Work on those things that you’ll actually incorporate into your playing.

Tips for Practicing Technique, Part 1

Work on those things that you will actually incorporate into your playing.

San Holo: Dancing to His Own Tune

This electronic artist finds his own path to success, with a little help from an old Yamaha keyboard.

Warming Up

Preparing your body, mind and fingers before practicing and playing.

Super Articulation, Part 2: Guitar and Clarinet Voices

These keyboard voices can really come to life when you know how.

Back To School!

Choosing the best keyboard for your kids.

Making Music with Multi Pads

Four buttons that do a lot.

Super Articulation, Part 1: Saxophone Voices

These keyboard voices can really come to life when you know how.

Mastering CP

A new series of online lessons provides a deep dive into the CP73/88.

Using Registrations

This handy feature is a real time-saver.

Using Dropbox to Load New Songs Into Smart Pianist and Chord Tracker

An iOS® tutorial on adding songs other than those in your iTunes® library.

The Magic of Wireless LAN and Chord Tracker

Take a song you love and play it back in any musical style.

Chord Tracker and the Sonogenic keytar – Part 1: The Software

Analyze the songs in your music library and unlock their secrets.

Assignable Controllers

Streamline your workflow with this cool feature.

MIDI Recording, Part 2

Learn how to use Multi Recording mode.

Expand Your Instrument, Expand Your Music

Resources galore for getting the most from your Yamaha keyboard.

MIDI Recording, Part 1

Ready to dive in and do some Quick Recording?

Mastering AI Fingered Mode

Free up your hands and let Genos predict your chords for you.

Genos Videos, Part 4: EDM

Explore Dance and ElectroHouse and learn how to build energy in your arrangement.

Genos Videos, Part 3: Country Music and Blues

From the Nashville sound to Chicago style blues, Genos has you covered.

What Playing Keyboards Means to Me

The lowest moments in my life have yielded the sweetest music.

Genos Videos, Part 1: Styles and Multipad Presets

Two of the most powerful features in this powerhouse of a keyboard.

Passing the Baton

The PSR-EW300 builds on the legacy of the most popular portable keyboard in history.

Learn to Play Your Favorite Songs

Even if you don’t read music or chord charts, now you can perform the soundtrack of your life.

PSR-E263 Looks Little, Plays Big

One music educator finds what she’s looking for in a portable keyboard.

How Portable Keyboards Can Keep Your Child Engaged in Music

Features to keep your child’s interest while they continue to learn.

How to Get Your Portable Keyboard Back to Sounding Like a Piano

Segue from complex sound to purely piano with the Portable Grand Button.

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