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Live Recording, Part 2

How to make multitrack recordings of your band’s rehearsals and shows.

Live Recording, Part 1

How to capture your band’s rehearsals and shows in stereo.

Top Ten Tips for Livestreaming Your Music

Here’s how to ensure the quality of your online performance.

What Does the Phase Button Do?

An explanation of the mysterious symbol Ø.

Fast STAGEPAS Setups

How to set up your STAGEPAS 1K for solo performers, presenters and DJs.

To Woof or Not to Woof?

How a subwoofer can improve the sound of your PA system.

Making the Bluetooth® Connection

How to wirelessly stream music to your STAGEPAS 1K and control the mixer from your smart device.

STAGEPAS 1K Mixer Overview

Cool features and interconnection options.

Using Solo

This important tool seems straightforward but actually has multiple uses.

Top Ten Things to Know About Audio Networking

Tips for sharing your digital signals efficiently.

Using Pads

What is a pad and how can it help keep your audio free from distortion?

Dante® 101

In audio, as in life, it’s all about the networking.

Spotlight on STAGEPAS 1K

Transform any location into your stage.

Using Scene Memory

How to make a scene and get away with it.

The Direct Path

What’s a DI and why do you need one?

Cleanliness Is King

What can you do when audio gremlins sneak into your PA system?

The Role of Remote Control

Using mobile devices for wireless control in live sound.

Using DSP, Part 2: Mixers

How digital signal processing is incorporated into mixing consoles.

Using DSP, Part 1: Powered Loudspeakers

How is digital processing used in live sound?

Top Five Tips for Better Live Sound

How to ensure a good show … for the performers as well as the audience.

Optimizing Your Monitor Mix and Avoiding Feedback

How to create a monitor mix that will please your performers as well as your worshippers.

Deciphering Power Ratings, Part 2: Powered Speakers

Take the mystery out of matching amps and speakers.

How To Place and Use Microphones Correctly

Coaching your worshippers so they feel comfortable using mics.

Deciphering Power Ratings, Part 1: Amplifiers

Making sense of all those numbers.

Paul McCartney Streamed Live … via Nuendo

When it comes to a mission this critical, stability is everything.


What it is, how it works and when to use it.

Why Sound System Safety Is So Important

There are times when you need to rely on professionals.

Interconnections 101

Using the right cables and connectors will keep your audio clean and quiet.

Selecting a PA System for Your Worship Venue

Determining your basic equipment needs.

How to Fight Feedback, Part 2

Using EQ to eliminate feedback and “ring out” your PA system.

How to Fight Feedback, Part 1

What is audio feedback, and what causes it?

Aux Sends and Returns

Audio “valves” that allow you to route multiple signals to the destination(s) of your choice.

Using Reverb and Delay, Part 2

Tips for adding spaciousness to instruments.

Using Reverb and Delay, Part 1

Add spaciousness to your mix with these creative tools.


Tonal control for shaping your sound.

Challenge Accepted

Face your challenges head on and win.

Everything You Need to Know About Gain Staging

Get this right, and you’ll enjoy minimum noise and maximum clarity.

Awareness of the Unknown

Intimidated by your surroundings? Turn it into a positive experience.

How to Use a Noise Gate

Get your PA system sounding better and reduce feedback at the same time.

The Domino Effect

Landing the job.

Meet “The New Guy”

Everyone has to start somewhere.

How to Use a Compressor

Think it’s complicated? Think again.

Phantom Power

Tips for the live sound engineer.

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