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Learn, Grow and Connect at Your MEA

Welcome, educators! We are thrilled to join your state music educator convention.

With over 50 million public and private school students in the United States, your students are lucky to have access to music programs led by dedicated and inspirational band, choral and orchestra directors like you. We applaud your innovative and trailblazing ways to engage and educate your students. Thank you!

Tips from Music Educators

Through the Yamaha Educator Suite blog site and SupportED magazine, Yamaha reaches thousands of educators with professional development tips, advice and resources. If you have questions or need help finding resources for your program, email us at

Here is a sampling of our top professional development articles:

New Products for Your Music Classroom


HD-300 Quick Start Video Part 1

HD-300 Quick Start Video Part 2


NEW Yamaha Baritone Saxophone Demo

NEW YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

Clarinet Synthetic Reeds

Saxophone Synthetic Reeds


YVN Model 3 Violin: Innovative Student Violin

How To Set Up an Electric Strings Ensemble

SLB300 New Generation Silent Bass


NEW MS-9414 Series

NEW CSR Brass Shell Snare Drum

NEW YV-3030MS Vibraphone

NEW CFM Series Concert Field Drum

Concert Chimes

Percussion Mallet Stands


SLG SILENT guitar™


Dorico for iPad

Cubase Recording Software

Dorico Music Notation Software

Introduction to Dorico for iPad


DTX6K3-X Electronic Drums Overview

Using the EAD10 for Lessons and Practice

Stage Custom Hip – Full Sound and Compact Size


STAGEPAS 1K Portable PA System

Remote Music Education and Live Streaming Can Sound Good!

5 Reasons to Attend Your MEA Conference

It’s true that new waves of technology make it easier to access information when you need it and however you need it. Need to learn a quick “hack” — simply Google it, right? Given all of these advances, why do teachers still need to pack up, leave the comforts of their classrooms and head to […]

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