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The Music of Mardi Gras

Aural gumbo for America’s greatest block party.

How To Write A Love Song

It’s not as hard as you may think.

Honoring Black Composers

Innovators whose music has brought so much joy to so many millions.

Music To Keep You Warm When It’s Cold Outside

These tunes will get you feeling toasty on even the chilliest days.

10 Ways to Jump-Start Your Songwriting

A New Year’s guide to re-inspiration.

New Year’s Resolutions for Musicians

Here are seven ways to improve your chops and expand your musical horizons.

Exploring Curated Playlists

They’re a great way to expand your palette of music … and possibly to get discovered.

The Unlikeliest Places

Finding inspiration where you least expect it.

How Sheet Music Can Improve Your Playing Skills

It’s more than just a way to play your favorite songs.

Top Gifts to Encourage Your Child’s Love of Music

Here are some great ways to instill a passion for music.

Write Like Nobody’s Listening

Dancing alone in a room and the songwriting equivalent.

Ear Candy

Sonic surprises abound when you listen to these tracks on earbuds or headphones.

Louder Isn’t Always Better

Yamaha Adaptive Low Volume compensates for the quirks of human hearing.

Bethany Robinson: Education As Foundation

Inspiring a new generation of music makers with jazz bass fundamentals.

Good Vibrations

The beauty of creating face to face.

Music and The Brain

Here’s why music is good for both your health and your emotional well-being.

What Is Bedroom Pop?

Learn about the sound, history and top practitioners of this fast-growing genre.

The Healing Power of Music

Sometimes music is the best medicine.

10 Great Songs to Add to Your Study Playlist

Create the perfect inspirational playlist for back-to-school time.

Staying Inspired When You’re Creatively Spent

Break through the logjam by throwing kinetic pebbles.

10 Songs to Pump Up Your Workout Playlist

These tracks are guaranteed to start you up and keep you going.

Pomp and Circumstance

How one teacher changed my world.

Best New MusicCast App Features

The latest release offers many exciting features.

Best AURO-3D Scenes and Songs

How to appreciate the impact of this powerful immersive audio format.

10 Best Songs to Stream on the Beach

Here’s an ocean-adjacent playlist that pairs perfectly with a cool summer breeze.

Testing the Water

How to trust its creative powers.

Musical Instruments Across Asia and the Pacific Islands

Celebrate AAPI heritage by learning about these instruments.

Never a Dull Moment

The benefits of boredom.

On a Clear Day You Can Create Forever

Life hacks to burn through the fog.

Creating Sonic Ambiances in Office Spaces

Music is a great way to increase productivity in the workplace.

What is Lo-Fi?

Get in on the low fidelity craze.

The Music and Work of Omar Thomas

This Yamaha Master Educator is forging new trails in jazz and classical composition.

A Song for You

Sharing your love through music.

Creative Vocal Tricks, Techniques and Tracks to Listen to on Vinyl

Whether you’re looking to dig deep or just sing along, these are must-listens.

The Power of the Placeholder

Dummy lyrics aren’t actually so dumb.

Holiday Sheet Music and Software Buying Guide

Ready to get into the holiday spirit? We’ve got you covered.

What are MIDI Songs?

Add a whole new dimension to your digital keyboard.

20 New Songs To Add to Your Holiday Playlist

Here’s a blend of old and new music to spruce up the festivities.

Top Stocking Stuffers

Affordable gift ideas for the musician or music lover in your life.

Gifting Creativity

Encouragement is the best present you can give.

Ultimate Buying Guide

Luxury gift suggestions for the musician or music aficionado in your life.

Songs of Thanks

Getting in touch with our gratitude.

10 Best Classical Music Pieces for Stereo Listening

Give both your audio system and your ears a workout.

Songwriting Therapy

Using music to go within.

What Is Dynamic Range, and Why Does it Matter?

Learn more about one of the essential ingredients of both music and audio gear.

Bringing the Joy of Music to the Hard of Hearing

Meet the inventor of machines that allow music to be seen, not just heard.

Get Moving

Creativity is anything but still.

Don’t Resist Resistance

Overcoming creative obstacles.

Six Ways Music Can Improve Your Life

Music can be a tool to help you exercise, meditate or even face your fears.

Writing When Nobody’s Watching

Open the door for someone and set their inner songwriter free.

Top Five Patriotic Songs

Celebrate the Fourth with these beloved songs.

Everything You Need to Know about Lossless Audio and ALAC

You don’t have to lose quality to reduce the size of audio files.

How to Find (and Stay on) Your Own Unique Path

Six ways to help you hone and maintain your musical identity.

Light My Fire

Ten ways to rekindle a creative flame.

Cultures in Harmony: The Heritage of Asian American Pacific Islander Music

How three artists weave their cultures into their music to bring communities together.

The TikTok Vintage Resurgence

These are some of the classic artists, songs and albums that are trending.

Nobody Does It Better

What is YOUR superpower?

Top Five Cinco de Mayo Songs

Tunes to help you celebrate a very special day.

A Musician’s Guide to Getting Your Work Out There, Part 2

More practical tips for achieving your career goals.

The Modern Mixtape

How music streaming services have changed the game.

Collaborating with Your Dreams

Lucid dreaming can lead to creative breakthroughs.

A Musician’s Guide to Getting Your Work Out There, Part 1

A practical guide to achieving your career goals.

What Is an IPX Rating and What Does it Mean for Headphones?

When it comes to water resistance in personal electronics, it’s a numbers game.

Remember Me

If your piano could talk …

Mind Over Music

The power of creative affirmations.

Into the Light

A song worth writing … even if nobody ever hears it but you.

The History of Musical Genres, Part 4: R&B and Soul

Providing the backbeat to everyday life.

How Low Can You Go?

These are the bassiest of bass instruments.

Ambient Sound

Choose when to let the world in.

The History of Musical Genres, Part 2: Blues and Jazz

An aural reflection of America’s melting pot.

aptX™: The Next Level of Bluetooth® Audio

Wireless connectivity is more important than ever.

Healing on the High Seas

An interview with Mercy Ships Director of Corporate Development Russ Holmes.

Finding My Inner Joni

Getting adventurous with some tasty tunings.

The History of Musical Genres, Part 1: Classical Music

It may be centuries old, but it’s still relevant today.

Listening Optimizer

Welcome to custom sound for your head.

John and Paul and … Mac

Technology and creativity.

Listening Care

This innovation lets you get closer, not louder.

Music Equals Hope

An inspiring message from an inspired artist.

Wearing Many Hats

Embracing your inner techie.

Fall in Love with CDs All Over Again

Wait, don’t throw out those discs!

Enjoy Music Outdoors with Zone 2

You are about to enter another dimension of home entertainment.

Focus Like A Laser

Shine a light and shoot for the moon.

Writing for TV and Film

The process is anything but free-form.

The Difference Between a Writer and an Author

Are you willing to chip away at what you create?

How to Develop Critical Listening Skills

Increase your appreciation of music by knowing what to listen for.

Express Yourself

Choosing the right instrument is key.

Lyric or Vibe?

What draws you to a song first?

In My Room

We all need a place of positivity.

Sounds of Resilience: An Interview With Dr. Barry Bittman

How musical expression reduces the impact of stress.

Music Is Life: Michael McDonald, Bob James and Jon McLaughlin

Three pianists share the impact music has had on their lives.

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