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Eric Wortham Takes the Stage

Adele’s accompanist talks about what it takes to prepare for working with A-list artists.

What’s the Best Piano for Your Room?

A guide to selecting optimum piano size.

Dawn Chorus: Augmented Reality With a Disklavier

A conversation with the artist behind the concept.

Four Tips For Getting Your Child Started On Piano

Here’s how to help your kids get involved in making music.

The Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE™ Essentials Kit

What’s inside, and what to do next.

Empowered Expression: An Interview with Adam Tendler

Yamaha Artist Adam Tendler shares his career journey and coming out story for Pride Month.

A Brief Guide to Piano Tonewoods

Learn about the woods that are used to make pianos.

The History of Yamaha CF Grand Pianos

More than a century of innovation leads to the pinnacle of success.

Celebrating Lunar New Year Around the World

From music to feasts, learn the important traditions of the annual holiday.

The Benefits of Playing Piano … At Any Age

No matter how old (or young) you are, playing piano is good for you!

How Does a Piano Work?

Here’s what’s going on under the hood.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Piano Audition

Tips for creating compelling videos of your performances.

What’s the Difference Between a Digital Keyboard and a Digital Piano?

They may seem the same at first glance … but they’re not.

The Role of Piano in Jazz

The mainstay of jazz ensembles, and the masters of the instrument.

Chuck Leavell: A Life In Music and Conservation

The grounding influence of working the land.

Under the Lid: The Custom Pianos of J. Elliott and Co.

This husband and wife team perform piano alchemy.

How to Clean Piano Keys

Guidelines for cleaning your keys and preventing damage.

Apps to Help You Learn to Play Keyboard At Home

Your smart device can serve as both your teacher and musical partner.

Gershwin in Cincinnati

Recreating “Rhapsody in Blue” with the Yamaha Disklavier.

Effective Time Management for Keyboard Practice

Here’s how to get the most out of your practice routine.

21st Century Composers Choose Disklavier

With its convergence of tradition and technology, the possibilities are endless.

How to Care for Your Yamaha Disklavier

A guide to maintaining your instrument.

The Piano Guys Come to a Disklavier Near You

Now you can not only watch their performances, you can experience them too.

Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano

It’s one of the world’s most recognizable instruments … and it’s not for sale.

The Disklavier Piano Pedals

The integral role pedals play in piano performances.

Four Metronome Exercises for Developing Timing Skills

Learn to interact with your metronome, not just listen to it.

Eight Great Tips for Practicing Piano

Utilize these tips to become a better musician.

A Brief History of Yamaha Pianos

They represent more than a hundred years of quality and innovation.

Why Is a Piano Soundboard Made from Wood?

The paradox of transmitting and stopping vibrations at the same time.

Four Things You Need to Know About Gray Market Pianos

“Buyer beware” takes on new meaning when it comes to these instruments.

Remote Auditions Are Now Reality

Disklavier Education Network provides unique opportunity to young pianists the world over.

Making the Impossible Possible

AI technology digitally reintroduces past masters.

The History of Disklavier, Part 4

When outstanding instruments met stellar technology.

The History of Disklavier Part 2

Keeping up with the tech boom.

The History of Disklavier, Part 1

The birth of the world’s most advanced piano.

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