Articles Tagged As professional development

Reboot and Invest in Yourself and Your Program

Incorporate these tips into your lessons to help students with music reading.

How to Change Timpani Drum Heads

It’s important for band directors to know the ins and outs of all their instruments. Use this step-by-step guide to change timpani heads — a task that needs to be done every year or two.

Add These 3 Exercises to Your Percussion Practice Sessions

Be a better percussionist by regularly working on your reading, rolls and listening skills.

5 Tips to Build a Band Program from Scratch

You need a clear vision to build a successful band program at a new high school.

Pros and Cons for Pickups, Microphones and Electric Strings

When you need to project more sound from your violin, viola or cello, try a pickup, microphone or an electric instrument. 

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