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Talking Club Cubase With Greg Ondo

Behind the scenes of this popular livestream.

Recording Acoustic Instruments, Part 3

Capturing the sound of piano, brass, woodwinds and hand percussion.

Recording Acoustic Instruments, Part 2

Learn how to capture the sound of acoustic guitar and bass.

Recording Acoustic Instruments, Part 1

Learn about microphone types and mic placement.

Spotlight on Steinberg Dorico 4

Here are the most exciting new features in the latest release of the famed music notation software.

Spotlight on Steinberg WaveLab 11

This versatile audio editor gets even more powerful.

How to Create Lo-Fi

A musical style where you don’t want your tracks to sound their best.

Spotlight on Steinberg Cubase 12

An update with a slate of impressive new features.

The Advantages of Parallel Processing

An alternate way to apply compression and saturation.

Recording and Mixing Background Vocals

Create and produce effective harmony parts.

Creating Vocal Chops and Other Sampler Tricks, Part 2

Slice up a sample and let the triggering begin.

Creating Vocal Chops and Other Sampler Tricks, Part 1

Drop an audio file into your software sampler and let the fun begin.

What is Phase?

When sound waves are less than the sum of their parts.

Top Five Reasons for Having a Home Studio

It pays to invest in your creativity.

How to Record Guitar and Build a Song Around It

Follow these tips to get great results.

Music Theory for Producers, Part 1

Rhythm concepts that all producers should know.

MIDI Arranging Tips

How to get an orchestra of virtual instruments sounding good.

MIDI Editing

Crucial concepts and techniques for manipulating MIDI data.

Think Like a Drummer, Part 2

Assembling an authentic-sounding drum track.

The Importance of Archiving and Backup

Don’t wait until audio disaster strikes.

Home Studio Troubleshooting Tips, Part 2: Computers and Software

Overcome crashes, corrupted files, and other digital glitches.

Home Studio Troubleshooting Tips, Part 1: Hardware

How to diagnose and fix common hardware-related problems.

Mastering Deliverables

Getting it out there.

Using Subgroups

This powerful tool allows you to control and process multiple tracks simultaneously.

David Kahne

From complex surround sound to basic recording, Nuendo and Cubase fit the bill.

Better Monitoring for Better Mixes, Part 2

Tips and techniques for checking your mixes.

Robert Dudzic

Interested in sound design? You’ll want to check out this video.

Better Monitoring for Better Mixes, Part 1

How to choose, set up and get the most out of your home studio monitoring system.

Get Ready, Get Set … Mix!

A beginner’s guide to getting your mix started successfully.

Full Album Mastering

It’s all about cohesion.

Master Bus Processing

Ready to add a finishing touch to your mix? Here’s how.

Distortion and Saturation

Spice up your mixes with creative application of these powerful effects.

The Loudness Wars

Louder is not always better.

Delay, Part 2

Five setups to get you going.

Delay, Part 1

Take control of this important effect.

Understanding and Using Reverb

Tips for adding space to your tracks.

The Virtual Soundstage

Strategies for mixing in three dimensions.

How to Use Steinberg WaveLab for Mastering

The combination of this powerful software with analog processing gives me the results I need.

Getting Great Vocal Tracks, Part 2: Comping

Combine the best of all your vocal takes into one track

Getting Great Vocal Tracks, Part 1: The Vocal Chain

It starts with the gear, setup and vibe.

Preparing Your Tracks for Mastering

Here’s what you need to know about bus processing and stems.

Mix Automation

Here’s how to harness the massive power of automated mixing.

Using Pitch Correction Effectively

Here’s how to tune your vocal tracks.

Introducing URC

Three new USB 3.0 interfaces from Steinberg.

Why Compress?

It’s great to attenuate.

Berklee College of Music Teams Up with Steinberg

Film scoring students at this prestigious school are now using Cubase as their DAW software.

Practical EQ Techniques

How to use equalization during recording and mixing.

Organize Your Mix

These few simple steps will make you more productive.

Setting Up a Mix Template, Part 2

Add effects and virtual instruments to your Project Template.

Setting Up a Mix Template, Part 1

Cubase lets you pre-configure your ideal setup for instant recall.

The History of the DAW

The story behind the technology that changed music production forever.

Mixing for Virtual Reality and Video Games

The 3D tools offered by Nuendo 10 make it a lot easier than you might think.

Thunderbolt 2: The Ins and Outs

This blazing fast connection format raises the bar for high-resolution audio.

What Are Vintage Sounds, Anyway?

Even in the digital age, there’s a place for analog.

What Is an Audio Interface?

Understanding this essential piece of hardware.

Steinberg Videos, Part 4: How to Compose Music with Chords

Here are some cool tools that make it easy to create backing tracks.

Steinberg Videos, Part 3: How to Get Started in Cubase AI and LE

Everything you need to know to start making music in Cubase.

Steinberg Videos, Part 2: How to Do Editing in Cubase

Love to tweak? You’ve come to the right place.

How to Record TransAcoustic Guitar Effects

Add depth and interest to your guitar parts … without the need for an amplifier.

Steinberg Videos, Part 1: How to Do Your First Recording in Cubase

Here’s a video that shows you how to get started.

Dorico – Meet the Team Behind the Scenes

You need the best music notation software to make your best music.

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