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Letter to Myself: Richard Floyd

Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd pens a letter to his younger self, sharing advice, anecdotes and inspiration for a fulfilling career in music education.

Q&A with Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd

Richard Floyd says that music is essential — find out why in this illuminating Q&A.

Meet Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd

Richard Floyd is the state director of music emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a recognized authority on the art and craft of teaching and making music.  He is an ideal director for honor ensembles or lecturer at staff development days and MEA events. Floyd specializes in challenging student ensembles and […]

Advice from Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd

It’s All About the Music I will never forget, as a young director, walking into an all-state band rehearsal. My intent was to pick up a few rehearsal pointers. To my surprise, what I observed transcended all that I thought rehearsals were about. Simply correcting notes, rhythms, balance, tuning and so on were not the […]

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