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So Your Child Wants to Play Strings

How to get your child started on violin, viola, cello or upright bass.

A Guide to Parent Resources for Beginning Band and Orchestra

Looking to introduce your child to music? Check out these four vital websites.

Five More Things You May Not Know About String Instruments

From their origins to their construction, there’s a lot to learn.

When Do You Need to Go to a Luthier?

How to keep your string instrument healthy and sounding great.

A Strong Foundation, A Lifetime of Good Habits

The lessons you learn as a child shape who you become as a musician.

What Is a Fractional Size Violin?

There is a violin that’s sized right for you.

How to Prepare Your Child for School Orchestra

Navigating the first journey into musicianship.

Presenting the New Generation SILENT Bass™

Advanced technologies take this revolutionary instrument to the next level.

Reimagining the Way Student Violins Are Made

Computer-assisted craftsmanship makes Yamaha student violins easy to maintain

Winter Weather Care for Woodwind and String Instruments

Here’s what to do when the temperatures plummet.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Bows

The bow in your right hand is as important as the instrument in your left hand.

How to Select an Electric Upright Bass

Here’s what you need to know about EUBs.

Five Things You May Not Know About String Instruments

From violin to viola to cello … bass not included.

Dare to be Different: Black Violin

Challenging stereotypes with a unique blend of classical and hip hop.

What’s That Weird Sound?

Five steps to diagnose common buzzing problems on your string instrument.

Feel Through Your Five Senses: The Development of the Yamaha SILENT Bass

An interview with award-winning Yamaha designer Shinya Tamura.

Quick Peek: Yamaha Violin Custom Workshop

Take a tour of the Yamaha Violin Custom Workshop in Hamamatsu, Japan.

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