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Top Five Synthesizer Features

Buying your first synth or giving one as a gift? Here’s what you need to know.

Synth Terminology 101

Ready to learn how to use a synthesizer? These are the top terms you’ll need to know.

History of the Synthesizer, Part 2

Technological advances from the 1980s onwards shape today’s synths.

History of the Synthesizer, Part 1

Tracing the evolution of audio synthesis through the decades.

Expand Your Digital Keyboard, Expand Your Music

Resources galore for getting the most from your Yamaha keyboard.

Discovering Digital FM: John Chowning Remembers

How a simple “ear discovery” came to forever influence the world of synthesis.

Get More From Your MONTAGE, MODX and CP88/CP73

Expand the functionality of your instrument with these free OS updates.

Soundmondo and the MODX

Discover, organize and share a world of new synth sounds.

MONTAGE 2.0 Is Here!

Step up to enhanced functionality and a slew of new features.

MONTAGE Resources

Ready to dive deep into your MONTAGE? Here’s how.

How to Incorporate a Piece of Musical History into Your MONTAGE

Add Chick Corea’s custom electric piano to your MONTAGE … free of charge!

Creating a MONTAGE Orchestral Brass Swell

Creating a Performance that invokes the sounds of an orchestra.

MONTAGE Arpeggio Making 101, Part 2

Convert Types and chordal passages.

Lessons from a MONTAGE Master

An overview of programming basics lessons for your MONTAGE.

MONTAGE Assign Switches 1 & 2

Two switches that pack a powerful punch.

MONTAGE Motion Sequences

Exploring real-time motion control.

MONTAGE Side Chain Modulation

Learn to integrate Parts – including external input.

MONTAGE Arpeggio Making 101, Part 1

Creating your own arpeggios can be fun – and rewarding.

The MONTAGE Controller Box Switches

A deep dive into another powerful MONTAGE feature.

Using the MONTAGE Assignable Knobs

Combining Super Knob and individual knob Parts.

MONTAGE Super Knob Value Ranges

Setting parameters for shaping modulations.

MONTAGE Super Knob Complex

Into EDM? You’ve come to the right place.

MONTAGE Super Knob Morph

Learn how to move smoothly between Parts.

MONTAGE Super Knob Bipolar

Gain new skills with the Super Knob.

MONTAGE Super Knob Unipolar

Learn all about Part parameters.

MONTAGE Super Knob Common

Exploring Performance architecture.

The MONTAGE Super Knob

Your detailed “programming basics” lessons for Motion Control Synthesis begin here.

Getting Started with MONTAGE

Get ready to dive into MONTAGE programming basics.

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