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A Conversation With Bobby Shew and Wayne Bergeron

Two musical icons share their affinity for the newest Yamaha custom flugelhorns.

The Pianica: A Great Way To Start a Musical Journey

Because making music should be easy and fun.

New Yamaha Brass and Woodwind Instruments for 2022

Precision craftsmanship assures superior tone, playability and durability.

Prolong the Life of Your Instruments with Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Add years to the life of your winds and percussion instruments with a regular maintenance routine.

Here’s What to Look for When Buying a Clarinet Mouthpiece

It’s a major factor when it comes to your instrument’s overall performance.

Navigating Vibrato on Woodwinds

Try this unconventional approach with your high school winds section to master vibrato.

Making the Switch: Flute to French Horn

Try this unconventional solution when you need to build your horn section: Choose your horn players from your pool of flutists.  

So Your Child Wants to Play a Woodwind

Here’s what you need to know to get your son or daughter started on saxophone, clarinet or flute.

A Guide to Parent Resources for Beginning Band and Orchestra

Looking to introduce your child to music? Check out these four vital websites.

What’s the Difference Between a Flute and a Piccolo?

There’s more to these two instruments than meets the eye.

The Bass Recorder Takes Center Stage

This unique instrument has become an integral part of an iconic soundtrack.

Mimi Stillman: Accomplished and Approachable

Flute prodigy Mimi Stillman showcases the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of music making — and she shares these skills with students around the world.

Step Up to a Better Wind Instrument

Five reasons your child needs a more advanced instrument.

A Strong Foundation, A Lifetime of Good Habits

The lessons you learn as a child shape who you become as a musician.

Larry Williams’ Juggling Act

See how hornist Larry Williams balances his many roles — performer, instructor, collaborator and administrator.

Introducing the YBS-62II Professional E♭ Baritone Saxophone

A second-generation instrument that builds on an impressive legacy.

Introducing the YBS-82 Custom E♭ Baritone Saxophone

Fine-tune your sound with high-quality handcrafted options.

Introducing the YBS-480 Intermediate Baritone Saxophone

Raise the bar in your school’s band programs.

4 Tips to a Stronger Low Saxophone Section

Move the needle forward with your low saxophone section with these four tips.

Winter Weather Care for Woodwind and String Instruments

Here’s what to do when the temperatures plummet.

Introducing the Alto Venova™

A new casual wind instrument with a larger body and a mellower tone.

How to Clean Clarinet and Oboe Tone Holes

The solution is simpler than you might think.

Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller

Denis DiBlasio’s life in jazz and teaching has been full of improvisation, invention and reinvention.

Clarinet Replacement Barrels and Tuning

Don’t just grab any random barrel for your clarinet!

Brass/Woodwind Instrument Finishes and Their Effect on Tone Quality

What’s the sonic difference between instruments with different finishes?

Yamaha Saxophone Neck Compatibility

The differences between new design and original design.

Correct Reed Placement and Ligature Positioning

Get the best sound from your clarinet or saxophone.

The Importance of Saxophone Mouthpieces

With the right mouthpiece, students will likely experience far better results in response, tuning, articulation and tonal-dynamic control.

My Clarinet Won’t Play. Now What?

Here’s how to determine and fix the problem.

The Drive of Top Tubist Aaron Tindall

After working his way to the top of the tuba profession through relentless effort and focused planning, Aaron Tindall expects the same from his students. 

Improve Students’ Tone

Help strings and winds students break down the factors of sound production and incorporate them back into the music. 

How to Lubricate Trombone Slides

Regularly lubricate your trombone slides to keep them moving lightning fast! 

“I’m a HERO” Program and the Venova

Bringing the power of music to the children of Colombia.

The Recorder: It’s an Instrument, Not a Toy

This serious instrument has a rich history that goes back to ancient times.

How Trumpeter Sean Jones Gets Respect

No matter the venue — classroom, concert hall, recording studio or small club — people notice and pay attention to  trumpeter Sean Jones, who exudes a quiet, but powerful, strength. 

Bassoon Basics

The birth of the bassoon … and a few factoids you may not know.

Fix Winds Instruments in a Pinch

Build a toolkit and sharpen your skills to make small repairs to your students’ woodwinds and brass instruments.

Eco-Friendly Plastics from Plants

Helping the environment with Yamaha Ecodear® recorders.

Yamaha Clarinet Bore Taper Explained

These are the differences between the CS series clarinet and the SE series clarinet.

Clarinetist Julie DeRoche Molds Music into Art

Julie DeRoche finds success on stage and in the classroom with a never-give-up attitude and an inclusive, collaborative approach.

Genealogy of the Flute Family

There’s a long and fascinating history behind this woodwind.

Boston Brass’ Quest to Educate Young Musicians

The Boston Brass entertains audiences worldwide with its range of repertoire and boisterous fun, but its primary mission is to advocate for education for all musicians.

How to Choose the Right Mouthpiece

Consider these five tips when selecting a mouthpiece for your winds instrument.

Venova: How Can a Plastic Tube Sound Like a Saxophone?

There’s a lot more going on inside than you may realize.

Jeff Coffin: Professor Rock Star

Despite his busy schedule as saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Coffin finds time to educate student musicians as a professor at Vanderbilt University and as a guest clinician throughout the world.

Five Saxophone Facts You May Not Know

Born from the mind of just one inventor, it plays a major role in two different musical genres.

The Many Faces of Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti

Classical, jazz, soundtracks and more — Allen Vizzutti’s career has crossed genres and his clinic teachings appeal to all generations. 

Introducing Venova

What’s a “casual wind instrument,” anyway?

Five Things You Never Knew About the Clarinet

It’s one of the newer instruments … yet one of the most influential.

The Venova: Game Changer for Elementary School Students

This innovative instrument is much more than a curiosity. It will change teaching winds at the elementary level.

Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon Does it All

A true globetrotter, Wycliffe Gordon splits his time on a multitude of musical pursuits, including performing, composing, arranging and a dedication to educating the next generation of musicians.

Blending Brass

Band directors and music educators can harness the strength of brass instruments to build a powerful ensemble sound.

Kenneth Tse: Master of the Saxophone

While growing up in Hong Kong, Kenneth Tse relied on his inner drive and unyielding love of music. Since then he has risen to international prominence in the saxophone world.

Recorders: Baroque vs. German

Why are there two fingering systems, and what’s the difference?

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