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Fix It: Trumpet Teaching Tips

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that trumpet students make. 

Flutist Mimi Stillman’s Sweet Sounds

As founder, artistic director and executive director of a chamber group, Mimi Stillman dives into everything.

Mimi Stillman: Accomplished and Approachable

Flute prodigy Mimi Stillman showcases the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of music making — and she shares these skills with students around the world.

Larry Williams’ Juggling Act

See how hornist Larry Williams balances his many roles — performer, instructor, collaborator and administrator.

Cellist Mike Block’s Musical Quest

Cellist Mike Block’s output is staggeringly diverse, and he applies a high level of skill, commitment and efficiency into every style.

Denis DiBlasio: Jazz Saxophonist, Music Educator and Storyteller

Denis DiBlasio’s life in jazz and teaching has been full of improvisation, invention and reinvention.

Reflections on Being Colleagues and Friends — Eric Shin and Jauvon Gilliam

Percussionists Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin work together at the University of Maryland and as principals in the National Symphony Orchestra. These colleagues and friends share thoughts about each other.

Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin: Performers, Teachers and Entrepreneurs

Percussionists Jauvon Gilliam and Eric Shin juggle teaching, performing, family and their own businesses with a special blend of talent, passion, positivity and determination.

How to Choose the Right Mallet

The mallet you need will depend on the instrument, music, repertoire and style. Do your homework before starting your mallet collection.

The Drive of Top Tubist Aaron Tindall

After working his way to the top of the tuba profession through relentless effort and focused planning, Aaron Tindall expects the same from his students. 

Aaron Tindall’s “10 Rules of Play”

Consistency is key, so build your pedagogy around creating consistency in these 10 areas.

How Trumpeter Sean Jones Gets Respect

No matter the venue — classroom, concert hall, recording studio or small club — people notice and pay attention to  trumpeter Sean Jones, who exudes a quiet, but powerful, strength. 

Pablo Rieppi’s Passion for Percussion

A single-minded focus drove Pablo Rieppi to become an inspirational performer and dedicated educator.

Christian Howes: Versatile Violin Virtuoso

Classically trained violinist Christian Howes breaks free of genre conventions to practice and teach creativity.

Clarinetist Julie DeRoche Molds Music into Art

Julie DeRoche finds success on stage and in the classroom with a never-give-up attitude and an inclusive, collaborative approach.

Boston Brass’ Quest to Educate Young Musicians

The Boston Brass entertains audiences worldwide with its range of repertoire and boisterous fun, but its primary mission is to advocate for education for all musicians.

Jeff Coffin: Professor Rock Star

Despite his busy schedule as saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, Jeff Coffin finds time to educate student musicians as a professor at Vanderbilt University and as a guest clinician throughout the world.

Jeff Coffin’s Words of Wisdom for Educators

Draw on life experiences to help music educators be better teachers.

The Many Faces of Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti

Classical, jazz, soundtracks and more — Allen Vizzutti’s career has crossed genres and his clinic teachings appeal to all generations. 

Percussionist Julie Hill Brings the World Home

After traveling the world and immersing herself in varied styles of music, Julie Hill returned to her roots in Tennessee to make percussion music more accessible for students of all backgrounds.

Black Violin Dares Students to Dream Big

Black Violin received encouragement and untold opportunities as they developed their musical skills. Now they want to pay it forward to a new generation of violinists.

Trombonist Wycliffe Gordon Does it All

A true globetrotter, Wycliffe Gordon splits his time on a multitude of musical pursuits, including performing, composing, arranging and a dedication to educating the next generation of musicians.

Kenneth Tse: Master of the Saxophone

While growing up in Hong Kong, Kenneth Tse relied on his inner drive and unyielding love of music. Since then he has risen to international prominence in the saxophone world.

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