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Yamaha Holiday Shopping Guide

Ultimate Buying Guide

Luxury gift suggestions for the musician or music aficionado in your life.

Sometimes you’ve just got to splurge. When that “special someone” is a really special someone, you need to find a holiday gift to match. And if that someone happens to be a musician or an aficionado who takes their music seriously, your task might seem a little harder.

Fear not! Here are eight great high-end gift suggestions for that talented spouse, child or grandchild in your life.

Extravagant? A little.

But, hey, they’re worth it.

DS7X ENSPIRE™ PRO Disklavier

Yamaha DS7X ENSPIRE PRO Disklavier.Know someone who is ready to experience the piano of their dreams? The Yamaha Disklavier represents the pinnacle of modern piano technology. A longtime staple in conservatories and professional recording studios, a Disklavier is also an exquisite addition to any home. The DS7X ENSPIRE™ PRO pairs the world’s most advanced recording and playback system with an immaculately crafted 7′ 6″ Yamaha acoustic grand piano, adding elegance and sophistication to any setting.

What is a “Disklavier”? Well, first and foremost it’s an acoustic piano. Like any piano, it has 88 keys, hammers, strings, soundboard, three pedals, and thousands of moving and stationary parts. When played by a pianist, a Disklavier behaves in the same way as any other piano. But hidden inside is a remarkable array of sensors, solenoids, and circuit boards, none of which affect the touch or tone of the instrument in any way. These components enable the recording and playback of performances, complete with moving keys and pedals. Disklaviers can also be connected to computers, tablets and other devices in order to work interactively with apps and receive streaming performances from services such as DisklavierRadio™ and DisklavierTV™. Some Disklavier models — including the DS7X ENSPIRE PRO — also offer a Silent feature that prevents the hammers from hitting the strings, allowing you to play and practice in privacy as you listen with headphones.

N1X AvantGrand piano

Yamaha N1X AvantGrand piano.Looking to buy a piano for someone who doesn’t have room for a concert grand? Here’s a space-saving (and also more affordable) option: the Yamaha N1X AvantGrand — a digital acoustic “hybrid” instrument that successfully captures the sound, touch, action and physical resonance of a concert-quality grand piano … but without the tuning, cost or footprint of a comparable stringed instrument.

The N1X utilizes samples of the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos, recorded at multiple velocity layers for seamless transitions, with extended dynamic and harmonic range suitable for all genres of music. In addition, Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) captures every detail of how the internal components of an acoustic piano vibrate in response to struck notes, including sympathetic string resonance, damper pedal resonance and the natural resonance of the soundboard. Employing real wooden keys and hammers, the action of the N1X is the same as that of a grand piano, but with non-contact optical key sensors that detect every nuance of the player’s timing, velocity, legato and other musical techniques for a playing experience virtually indistinguishable from that of sitting at a top-notch concert grand. The N1X also includes an advanced four-channel speaker system as well as a headphone output and an onboard audio recording system. Last but not least, Bluetooth® support enables wireless streaming of favorite songs from a computer or smartphone, making practice easy and fun.

Revstar RSP20CR

Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR.Is there a guitarist on your gift list? Delight them with a Yamaha Revstar RSP20CR electric guitar. Inspired by the stylish lines and effortless performance of the Café Racer bikes that colored the streets of 1960s London, this instrument wholeheartedly embraces the concept of being a stripped down, tuned up high-performance package of sublime craftsmanship. Hand-selected premium parts and materials ensure that this guitar is true to the ethos of the Café Racer, with function, character and style to burn.

The Revstar RSP20CR plays like a dream, with a 3-piece mahogany neck and a maple / mahogany comfort-contoured body with a hand-brushed satin finish and a copper pickguard. It sounds as good as it looks, too, with Alnico V magnet pickups, a German silver baseplate and heavy formvar wire for a punchy, dynamic, articulate tone and the perfect balance between gain and clarity. A push-pull “Dry” switch incorporates a passive filter circuit that removes low frequencies for added punch. In addition, proprietary Yamaha I.R.A. (Initial Response Acceleration) treatment ensures that the RSP20CR responds accurately and produces sound with excellent sustain characteristics. In other words, no compromises — just great sound in a stunning package.

5000 Series Ultra Hi-Fi System

Yamaha 5000 Series Ultra Hi-Fi SystemThe Flagship Hi-Fi 5000 Series component system from Yamaha is the perfect gift for the serious audiophile. This collection of two-channel excellence, built on 65 years of Hi-Fi heritage, provides the most elegant, powerful sound system possible, taking the appreciation of vinyl to dramatic new heights.

The 5000 Series consists of the GT-5000 belt-drive turntable, C-5000 pre-amplifier, M-5000 200 watt power amplifier and the NS-5000 3-way bookshelf speaker system. Together, they set a new standard in performance from start to finish, input to output. Their design is fully analog, harkening back to the golden age of Hi-Fi, with intricate circuitry, unmatched attention to detail and immaculate craftsmanship. The end result? Rich, accurate sound reproduction, with nothing coming between the listener and the music.


Yamaha MONTAGE 8.Got someone on your holiday list who loves tweaking sounds? You can’t do any better than gifting them a Yamaha MONTAGE 8. Quite possibly the most advanced synthesizer ever made, this incredible instrument offers a weighted 88-note keyboard, thousands of great onboard sounds and amazing digital effects, plus a slew of advanced features that place extensive rhythmic and expressive control at the player’s fingertips.

Key to this concept is something called a “Super Knob.” This allows the synthesist to alter not just one aspect of the sound in real time, but multiple parameters simultaneously, opening the door to the creation of virtually any sound imaginable. Other MONTAGE 8 innovations include Motion Sequences (tempo-synchronized, customizable control sequences) and an Envelope Follower that converts external audio into a control source — for example, using a drum loop to drive effects parameters for a cool rhythm or a vocal recording that generates a talking synthesizer. MONTAGE 8 can even be connected to a computer (running the included Cubase AI professional music production application, or any recording software) in order to capture sounds and performances. This is one gift sure to keep even the most ardent tweaker occupied for endless hours of fun and creativity.

Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set

Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set.As any drummer will tell you, not all drums are created equal. Take, for instance, the Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set.

Everything about these groundbreaking drums — from their look to their sound — is designed with incredible attention to detail. The shells incorporate a traditional Japanese uzukuri handcrafted finish for a unique appearance that defines the expression of oak. Unique staggered diagonal seams and an “Air Seal System” ensure that they are perfectly round with excellent durability. They feature a dense phenolic sheet sandwiched between six sheets of oak ply, with thick steel hoops for a tighter sound and sharper response. The advanced tom mount further reduces acoustic dampening, allowing the shell to vibrate more freely, thus bringing out more of its natural sustain and volume. Weights are studded in the bass drum at the lug points to attenuate low-mid frequencies for a more focused sound. Even the floor tom bracket is special, with wing bolts designed to clamp tightly on the leg without damaging it. In short, everything about the Live Custom Hybrid Oak drum set is built to enhance the dynamic range by accentuating attack and projection, making it a drummer’s dream come true.

DXR12mkII powered speaker / DXS15mkII powered subwoofer

Performing musicians know that relying on the sound systems of the venues they play in can sometimes be a ticket to audio disaster. The best insurance policy against bad sound is to carry your own system, so one or more Yamaha DXR12mkII powered speakers paired with a DXS15mkII powered subwoofer will be a welcome gift to any budding musician, whether they belong to a band or are trying to forge a solo career.

Because both are powered, no amplifier is required: simply plug microphones and instruments directly into the DXR12mkII — it has its own 3-channel mixer built in — and then make a simple connection to the DXS15mkII subwoofer for the addition of deep, rich bass that will get the audience up and pumped. And, because they can be used either as “Front of House” (i.e., facing the audience) speakers or as “monitor” (i.e., facing the performer) speakers, the DXR12mkII provides the ultimate in flexibility. This is one powerhouse combination that will fill any room with pristine sound, enabling the audience to hear every nuance of the performance.

Custom Xeno Artist Model trumpet

A silver trumpet.Yamaha Xeno Artist Model trumpets are intended to meet the critical demands of today’s top trumpet players as well as serving as aspirational models for those seeking to reach the apex of their performance potential.

Since 2005, Xeno Artist Model trumpets have come to represent the pursuit of perfection in Yamaha instrument design, renowned for their responsive playing feel, nuanced sound characteristics and accurate, even intonation. The new Generation III models feature a redesigned two-piece construction valve casing, along with unified parts such as the water-key set-up and tuning slide radius. These design alterations create an improved upper register and sound throughout the range, and more stable intonation for players at all levels, especially those performing in the most critical situations. There are two B♭ and three C models to choose from — the YTR-9335CHS III, YTR-9335NYS III, YTR-9445CHS III, YTR-9445NYS-YS III and YTR-9445NYS-YM III — making them ideal for a large variety of players, from those looking for a more modern style to those who prefer a more traditional feel and resistance. In short, these are professional instruments that can grow and change as artists evolve.


For more information about these and other great Yamaha music products, click here.


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