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Yamaha Holiday Shopping Guide

Ultimate Buying Guide

Five luxury gift suggestions for the musician or music aficionado in your life.

Sometimes you’ve just got to splurge. When that “special someone” is a really special someone, you need to find a holiday gift to match. And if that someone happens to be a musician or an aficionado who takes their music seriously, your task might seem a little harder.

Fear not! Here are five high-end gift suggestions for that talented spouse, parent, child or grandchild in your life.

Extravagant? A little.

But, hey, they’re worth it.

Disklavier DCF6 ENPRO

Disklavier DCF6 ENPRO

Know someone who is ready to experience the piano of their dreams? The Yamaha Disklavier DCF6 ENPRO represents the pinnacle of modern piano technology. A longtime staple in conservatories and professional recording studios, a Disklavier is also an exquisite addition to any home. The DCF6 ENPRO pairs the world’s most advanced recording and playback system with an immaculately crafted 7-foot Yamaha acoustic grand piano, adding elegance and sophistication to any setting.

What is a “Disklavier”? Well, first and foremost it’s an acoustic piano. Like any piano, it has 88 keys, hammers, strings, soundboard, three pedals, and thousands of moving and stationary parts. When played by a pianist, a Disklavier behaves in the same way as any other piano. But hidden inside is a remarkable array of sensors, solenoids, and circuit boards, none of which affect the touch or tone of the instrument in any way. These components enable the recording and playback of performances, complete with moving keys and pedals. Disklaviers can also be connected to computers, tablets and other devices in order to work interactively with apps and receive streaming performances from services such as DisklavierRadio™ and DisklavierTV™. Some Disklavier models – including the DCF6 ENPRO – also offer a Silent feature that prevents the hammers from hitting the strings, allowing you to play and practice in privacy as you listen with headphones.

Revstar RSP20CR

Revstar RSP20CR

Guitarists know that there’s nothing better than a new instrument to provide inspiration. In a land of cookie-cutter guitar shapes, the Revstar RSP20CR solid body electric guitar stands out from the rest. It features a dual-cutaway mahogany body with a maple top and a comfortable “C-shape” mahogany neck profile, adding tons of sustain and a familiar feel. Satin nickel hardware is used throughout, including die-cast tuners, control knobs, wraparound TonePros bridge, and antique pickup covers on the humbuckers.

But the RSP20CR not only looks cool, it sounds great. Its advanced electronics center around a pair of powerful and versatile Yamaha VH7+ Alnico humbuckers wired to master volume and master tone controls, with a handy push/pull “dry” switch that essentially functions as a low-cut filter. This is one guitar that is sure to please, with function, character and style to burn. It even comes with a hardshell case!

Xeno trumpets

Xeno trumpets

For the budding trumpeter who’s ready to step up to the big time, you can’t go wrong with one of our Xeno trumpets. These extraordinary instruments are designed for players who want power and projection as well as a big, warm tone. Developed from more than 30 years’ research with leading artists throughout the world, Xeno (pronounced “Zeno”) trumpets incorporate their dreams, their experience and their talents – as realized through the skills and ideas of some of the world’s best designers and craftspersons.

The Xeno’s heavyweight construction produces a solid tone core for a rich, strong sound. It blows freely and comfortably, while still providing enough air resistance for quick response and superb tonal flexibility, with a hand-hammered one-piece bell that gives an agile, quick response. Xeno trumpets are at home on the concert stage, jazz bandstand and even on the marching field!



There’s no better way for a budding sound engineer to learn their craft than to start with the very best in audio gear. The new TF-RACK is a compact rack-mount version of the renowned Yamaha TF (“TouchFlow”) Series digital mixers. It offers the same intuitive operation and high level of performance, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned engineers, and is the perfect choice when operation is required in limited spaces such as clubs.

The TouchFlow Operation™ utilized by the TF-RACK allows the operator to respond to the music and artists on stage with unprecedented speed and freedom, taking live sound reinforcement to a new level of refinement. The easy touch panel control ensures that both experienced engineers and newcomers to the field will find it easier than ever to achieve the ideal mix. All this, plus sound quality that will satisfy the most discerning professional ears, along with advanced live recording features and seamless operation with high-performance input-output (I/O) racks.

A-S2000 / WXC-50 bundle

A-S2000 / WXC-50 bundle

Music lovers everywhere will rejoice when they listen to their favorite LPs, CDs, and high-resolution SACDs and DVD-Audio discs through a sound system powered by our high performance A-S2000 Natural Sound stereo amplifier. From its innovative analog design to its rigid, anti-vibration chassis, this integrated amp allows the enjoyment of clean, undistorted audio, even during music’s most demanding peaks. The A-S2000 delivers 90 full-bandwidth-rated watts to each channel, with wide-range frequency response that lets you experience all the details in the music, whether listening over speakers or headphones. It’s also a great choice for vinyl lovers – it can handle signals from MM (moving magnet) cartridges, as well as from more demanding MC (moving coil) cartridges.

Take things a step further by adding our WXC-50 MusicCast Wireless Streaming Preamplifier, then download our free MusicCast app to select sources, browse your music library and start, stop or pause playback – even control EQ settings – right from your smartphone or tablet. Using your existing Wi-Fi® network along with MusicCast wireless speakers, sound bars or other devices the WXC-50 allows the enjoyment of music anywhere in your home – no wires, easy installation. The most popular streaming services are available, too: Pandora®, Spotify, Napster, SiriusXM Internet Radio, TIDAL, Deezer and thousands of free internet radio stations, plus all the music stored on your smart devices and computers. Best of all, now through the end of December, you can purchase the WXC-50 bundled with the A-S2000 at a special price. What are you waiting for?

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The team at Yamaha is dedicated to helping music lovers create, perform, listen to and learn about music.

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