Yamaha SupportED’s 2017 Volume 1 is Here!

I’m often asked how we decide on the content for each issue of SupportED. It’s a simple formula. We ask ourselves, “Will this story assist, inspire and empower someone to be a better music educator — yes or no?” That’s it! 

 Our articles are written by and about real teachers, inspiring artists and enlightened experts who share Yamaha’s commitment to keeping music education thriving.

In this firs issue of 2017, read about:

Is Your Booster Program Healthy? — The founder and president of the National Association of Music Parents recommends checking the pulse of your parent volunteer organization and offers a list of questions to address.

Case Study: Crafting a Jazz Studies Program — Janis Stockhouse didn’t like or understand jazz until she had to teach it at Bloomington High School North in Indiana.Today, she is a passionate jazz educator and is recognized as a leader in the field.

Build Your Jazz Music Library and Knowledge — If you are entering jazz from another musical discipline, check out these resources recommended by Janis Stockhouse, director of award-winning jazz ensembles at Bloomington High School North in Indiana.

Jazz Immersion — Janis Stockhouse of Bloomington High School North in Indiana offers four tips to become well-versed in jazz.

Percussionist Julie Hill Brings the World Home — After traveling the world and immersing herself in varied styles of music, Julie Hill returned to her roots in Tennessee to make percussion music more accessible for students of all backgrounds.

Percussionist Julie Hill’s Unique Teaching Strategies — Take Julie Hill’s three key teaching philosophies and implement them on a smaller scale at your school.

New to Teaching Strings? — Five tips from four top string professionals will help you prepare and succeed as you take on teaching orchestra.

Creative Assessment: Project-Based Learning — Come up with projects students can undertake that demonstrates their understanding of music-making. Marcia Neel, Yamaha’s senior director of education, provides some examples of project-based learning that you can try with your students.

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2017 volume 1, SupportED magazine

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