Yamaha SupportED’s 2017 Volume 2 is Here!

Music teachers amaze me with their hunger for ways to improve their students’ experiences with music, while never resting on their quest for higher art and deeper challenges. That, in turn, motivates and inspires us as we put together each and every issue of SupportED.  

In this issue, read about:

Lessons Learned from Yamaha Master Educators — Yamaha Master Educators share one lesson — one moment — that helped mold their careers. Their recollections are illuminating and inspiring.

The Many Faces of Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti — Allen Vizzutti sees music as a language that transcends age. This belief is evident in his performances, recordings and clinic teachings, which break genre and generational barriers.

Tips from Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti — Making connections has been crucial for Allen Vizzutti’s musical success. In addition to building a strong network, he offers three important tips for educators.

Develop Student Leaders — According to Yamaha Master Educator Kevin Ford, the founder and director of the Tarpon Springs Leadership Conservatory for the Arts in Florida, providing a leadership curriculum creates a culture of excellence in your music program, makes a difference in other people’s lives and enriches your own.

Explore Nontraditional Music Programs — Broaden your program by learning about and providing more comprehensive and inclusive music-making opportunities.

Phase Out Phasing Problems — Don’t lose your music between the hash marks. Get your marching musicians in sync using practical ideas to combat sound delays on the field.

View the entire 2017v2 issue here

2017 volume 2, SupportED magazine

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