Yamaha SupportED’s 2018 Volume 1 is Here!

My team and I are lucky to work with an incredible group of talented Yamaha Performing Artists. One common thread we hear from them is their never-ceasing hunger for continued improvement. Simply put, the most successful musical artists never stop being students of their instruments and of music. We hope that the articles in SupportED feed your never-ceasing hunger to improve as an educational artist in your field.

In this issue, read about:

Case Study: Celebrating Mariachi in Iowa — Iowa may not seem like an obvious place to hear a mariachi ensemble, but the middle school and high school instrumental directors at Denison Community Schools decided to bring the culture and music of the growing Hispanic population into the classroom.

3 Tips to Start a Mariachi Program — People are the key to success in starting a successful mariachi program, according to the Ruben Newell and Patti Bekkerus from Denison Community Schools in Iowa.

Technology Tools for the Middle School Classroom — Two middle school music educators, Keith Ozsvath and Greg Scapillato, share how they save time and engage young learners in and out of the music classroom using free apps and web-based programs.

Clarinetist Julie DeRoche Molds Music into Art — From expanding DePaul University’s school of music to serving as the first female president of the International Clarinet Association, Julie DeRoche has spent more than 30 years shaping her career and molding her students into musical artists with her never-give-up attitude and her inclusive, collaborative approach.

Clarinetist Julie DeRoche’s Keys to Teaching — Implement these three tips from Julie DeRoche to open the door toward success for your students.

Chamber Ensembles Help Develop Student Leaders — Performing in small groups can pack a big punch in musical growth and leadership opportunities.

Festival Etiquette — Appearance and demeanor on the stage and in the audience make an impactful statement about your ensemble during festival performances.

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2018 volume 1, SupportED magazine

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