Yamaha SupportED’s 2018 Volume 2 is Here!

Our goal for the magazine — to inspire and help instrumental band and orchestral directors continue to be the best teachers they can be — hasn’t changed since we launched SupportED two years ago. In fact, our commitment to this goal is stronger than ever.All the articles in the magazine are about real teachers, successful programs and influential artists.

In this issue, read about:

Tips to Manage Workload and Find Work-Life Balance — Glen Schneider of Metea Valley High School in Illinois shares six useful tips for managing work-life balance and being more productive.

Christian Howes: Versatile Violin Virtuoso — Classically trained Christian Howes is known for breaking free of genre conventions to practice and teach creativity. Learn about his “opening-the-hood” educational approach.

Violinist Christian Howes’ Three Pillars of Pedagogy — Expand students’ understanding of music and encourage creativity by using these three tips from Christian Howes.

Case Study: A Successful Band Program in a Struggling Texas Border Town — The music directors in Roma Independent School District work together — including an ingenious approach to instrumental instruction — to excel in the same league as larger competitive ensembles across the country.

Scheduling Advice from a High School Band Director — Dena Laurel of Roma High School in Texas employs a precise scheduling and pacing strategy to maximize instructional time with her students.

Add Sound Reinforcement — Tony Nuñez and Kevin Shah of Arcadia High School in California say to be strategic when adding sound reinforcement to give your band a competitive edge and create a more unique and engaging experience for the audience.

Bring a Sense of Joy into Elementary Music Classes — Create a supportive environment with young students by focusing on play and movement.

View the entire 2018v2 issue here.

2018 volume 2, SupportED magazine

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