Yamaha SupportED’s 2019 Volume 4 is Here!

In my job, I get to meet a lot of people — music teachers, students, per­forming artists — and tackle fun and challenging tasks, such as negotiating endorsement deals, helping produce Yamaha concerts and events, giving lectures at music schools and so much more.

One of the coolest parts of my job is directing video and photo shoots, which I learned by trial and error. So much goes into a photo shoot, and 90% of the work happens before the shoot.

Thankfully, I have gifted people on our team who help develop a theme for the shoot, provide suggestions for required photos, scout locations and secure access to these places. The perfect photographer and hair and makeup artist are critical as well.

Where do I fit into this process? I help create the right vibe with a subject, crucial in making or breaking a photo or video shoot regardless if all the other details are perfect. I keep things moving while never making people feel rushed. I make sure the subject is in the perfect head space even when the shoot may call for him or her to be outside of his or her comfort zone.

For this issue’s cover shoot with Dr. Emily Threinen, all things aligned. A beautiful day, a beautiful campus and a team — photographer Rob Shanahan and makeup artist Amber Young — that worked seamlessly together. Most im­portantly, we had an artist who showed patience, grace and flexibility (traits that make her an exceptional music educator!) during the two-day photo shoot.

Thank you, Emily!

I hope you enjoy this issue’s fantastic articles:

Emily Threinen: Music’s North Star — Acclaimed conductor Dr. Emily Threinen returns to Minnesota as a professor and guiding light for students looking for support and excellence. 

Case Study: Private School Outreach — The Mater Dei Music Academy brings music, camaraderie and performance opportunities to Southern California private school and homeschooled students. 

Manage Year-End Obligations — Music educators can beat the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday season at home and at work. 

Inclusive Repertoire — Dr. Emily Threinen discusses the importance of selecting repertoire that “includes multiple voices of representation.” 

Ignite a Passion for Practice — Directors guide, inspire and equip students to be in charge of their own instrumental improvements rather than forcing compliance. 

Mater Dei’s Mentor Program — A mentorship program helps Mater Dei High School students hone leadership skills as they partner with younger musicians from the school’s Music Academy.

Women in Music Education — Dr. Emily Threinen pushes for women and under-represented people to be in leadership positions because it empowers students to see themselves in similar roles.  

Work with Music Dealers to Enhance Your Program — Instrumental educators who build relationships with school music dealers can enhance their programs and save money in the long run. 

Letter to Myself: Richard Floyd — Yamaha Master Educator Richard Floyd pens a letter to his younger self, sharing advice, anecdotes and inspiration for a fulfilling career in music education.

Q&A with Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli — The superintendent of Dayton Public Schools shares her musical memories and why she fights for music education.

2019 volume 4, SupportED magazine

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