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20 Years of Opportunity for Young Musicians: Yamaha and Music for All

Unique music enrichment program has raised the bar for students across America since 1997.

For the past 20 years, Yamaha has been the presenting sponsor of Music for All, an organization that has brought life-changing music education and performance opportunities to generations of band and orchestral students since its founding in 1975.

Yamaha and Music for All have served over five million music students through its Bands of America and Orchestra America programs. Each year, more than 450,000 music teachers, students and their families attend MFA events. The instrumental music education community knows Music for All through its programs and events, such as the Music for All National Festival, the Music for All Summer Symposium camp for students and teachers, and the affiliate Bands of America Grand National and Regional Marching Band Championships held across the United States each fall.

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Did you or someone you know participate in one of these events? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know if you participated in Bands of America, Orchestras America or any other Music for All program from 1975 to present. We know that there are thousands of alumni out there doing great things!

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Heather Mansell is an accomplished violinist and a 15-year Yamaha employee. She started her career in the musical products industry in Toronto, after her orchestral stand partner offered her a job at a downtown violin shop. Heather is now based out of Southern California at Yamaha Corporation of America and is the product manager for Orchestral Strings. She has eagerly traveled to over a dozen countries in the pursuit of learning about people, places and music.

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