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Yamaha Educator Suite: Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

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    Meet the 2024 “40 Under 40” Educators

    Be inspired by these remarkable 40 educators — all under the age of 40 — who are making a difference in growing and strengthening their music programs. 

  • happy elementary student during percussion lesson

    Build Rapport in High-Need Schools

    In Part 2 of this series, we explore ways to build rapport with students, parents, administrators and community partners.

  • concert orchestra

    First Festival Success Guaranteed!

    Be prepared for this exciting step in your career with our real-world guide that includes detailed planning mixed with the need for adaptability so you can enjoy the moment.

  • young girl sitting in front of open laptop and wearing headphones

    Music Tech in the Elementary Classroom

    See how National Standards can meet music technology competencies for elementary school students.

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The “No-Shortcuts” Approach

Putting in the work is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it’ll give you a leg up as you progress in your career.

You Will Never Feel “Ready,” But You Can Be Prepared

Nine recommendations for music education majors and novice in-service music educators to hone their skills.

The Daily Grind: Find Joy in the Routine

Embrace these five truths and you’ll succeed and thrive as a music educator.

Compartmentalizing Stress in Teaching

All music educators deal with stress. The key is how you handle it. Here are some tips to navigate everyday stressors.

Healthy Tips for Educators

Try these five tips to keep your health in check — you’ll be taking better care of yourself and your students!

Sustainable Excellence

Adapt your educational visions for community needs without compromising standards. Emphasize long-term commitment and realistic goal setting.

The Magic in the Details

An Indiana music educator overcomes obstacles and fosters excellence in WGI.

Use Music to Connect with Students of All Ages

An adjunct professor at George Mason University helps music education majors as well as children around the world to communicate through music.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Earning trust and treating elementary students with respect are key to helping them perform with pride.

The Many Faces of Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti

Classical, jazz, soundtracks and more — Allen Vizzutti’s career has crossed genres and his clinic teachings appeal to all generations. 

Add These 3 Exercises to Your Percussion Practice Sessions

Be a better percussionist by regularly working on your reading, rolls and listening skills.

Blending Brass

Band directors and music educators can harness the strength of brass instruments to build a powerful ensemble sound.

New to Teaching Strings?

If you are new to teaching strings, don’t panic. Top string professionals offer advice as you launch into uncharted territory.

Start a Guitar Program

A guitar program will provide a musical opportunity to students who would not usually join traditional band, orchestra or choir.

Fix It: Piano Pedaling Teaching Tips

Fix these common pedaling mistakes that piano students make.