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    A Summer Camp for Music Teachers

    Learning through action is a core philosophy of RAMP, a new professional development conference for music educators, which takes place alongside a music camp for students.

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    Meet the 2023 Class of “40 Under 40” Music Educators

    These 40 educators — all under the age of 40 — showcase innovative solutions and bold ideas as they establish, grow or improve their music programs.  

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    Financial Tips

    When it comes to funding your program, never get discouraged because there is always money somewhere. You just have to work hard to find it.

  • Dr. Leah N. Claiborne

    A Black Professor Finds Her Voice

    When Dr. Leah Claiborne was a child, she questioned what a Black girl like her was doing studying the music of dead white male composers.

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5 Recruitment Tips You Must Try!

Recruitment is a big part of ensemble directors’ jobs. Don’t look at it as a burden, but rather as a way of turning potential students into “our kids.”

Be an Effective Teacher-Leader

Be an agent of change, advocate for the true purpose of education, take initiative to solve problems and share your experiences with other educators.

6 Websites that Help Me Arrange

Explore these sites to learn all the possible information you need about a track, which will make your life as a music educator much easier.

Before You Quit

Are you thinking of throwing in the towel? Before you make any drastic changes, examine how you got here.

5 Ways to Conquer Procrastination

Wait! Don’t Put Off Reading this Article!

Work With Your Strengths

What is the VIA Survey, and can it help reveal your super teaching powers?  

How DEI Initiatives Influenced UK’s Music Education Program

An associate professor at the University of Kentucky fully integrated DEI elements into the music education program after looking at ways that her students could better relate to each other as well as to their future students.

Side Hustles for Music Teachers

Do you need to supplement your income or an outlet for your creativity? Consider trying one of these side gigs!

Dissecting Boise State’s Mission Statement Led to Innovation

One music educator found ways to define “comprehensive” music education to help his students achieve personal goals.

Q&A with Composer Eric Whitacre

GRAMMY®-winning composer, Eric Whitacre, shares his unique and profound views about music education and more. 

The Importance of Saxophone Mouthpieces

Music educators should not overlook selecting a proper saxophone mouthpiece for students in saxophone method classes and for beginners. Students and parents might assume that because mouthpieces typically come with the purchase of new saxophones (…

Pros and Cons for Pickups, Microphones and Electric Strings

When you need to project more sound from your violin, viola or cello, try a pickup, microphone or an electric instrument. 

Fix It: Timpani Teaching Tips

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that timpani students make. 

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Basic Piano Technique

Try these expert tips to fix common errors that piano students make.

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