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  • Jasmine Fripp conducting on stage

    The Passionate Black Educator

    A Tennessee educator tackled systemic racism in music programs and is now a sought-after advocate to help schools around the country implement anti-racist, healing-centered music curriculum.

  • group of teachers doing a high-five while sitting around a table

    5 Ways to be a Team Player

    True teamwork requires active participation at your school and within your district. Help your fellow music educators as often as you can and seek their input when you need it.

  • female conductor with back to camera in front of ensemble

    Meet the 2023 Class of “40 Under 40” Music Educators

    These 40 educators — all under the age of 40 — showcase innovative solutions and bold ideas as they establish, grow or improve their music programs.  

  • Bayou Tigre Steppers performing

    Cultural Crusader

    By digging into her roots, a Louisiana music educator is nurturing future generations to keep the local culture of Cajun and French Creole music alive.

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3 Homework Activities that Encourage Parent Involvement

Enlist parents to reinforce the lessons from music class — these fun activities are sure to be enjoyed by students and their families.

10 Ways to Make Your Students’ Day

Kids are excited to see teachers who are excited to see them, so bring your A-game every day.

The Importance of Commissioning Music

Finding new composers and securing funds to commission pieces is worth the time and effort. Not only are you building diverse repertoire and expanding the canon, but you are providing your students with the unique opportunity to meet composers and dissect their work.

20 Ways to Set the Tempo for a Great School Year

Remember these quick practical tips, foundational ideas, insights and philosophies to remind you why you chose teaching music as your career.

All-Day Energy Hacks for Music Teachers

Don’t tire out during the school day. Try these unusual ways of keeping your energy high.

What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Oftentimes, new band directors find that they don’t know what to do to improve the sound of their bands. Don’t throw in the towel. Lean on mentors and colleagues, do research and practice!

An Afro-Centric Curriculum Promotes Excellence

At Grace M. James Academy, a middle school for girls in Louisville, Kentucky, the orchestra director explores a unique strings education methodology.

Interdisciplinary Development Between the Arts

West Covina High School’s Performing Arts Academy allows students in music, dance and theater to hone their skills across disciplines and work together.

Incorporate Jazz in Your Classroom Daily

To keep a band program moving forward, you must capture the attention of young people. One way to do this and to increase retention is to integrate jazz into the curricula.

Emily Threinen: Music’s North Star

Acclaimed conductor Emily Threinen returns to Minnesota, the North Star State, as a professor and guiding light for students looking for support and excellence.

Build Bridges: Work with Administration, Parents and Other Teachers

Music educators must forge partnerships to ensure that their music programs prosper.

10 Tips for Teaching Students with Autism

Teaching students who are on the spectrum is a fulfilling challenge as long as you are prepared a…

Prolong the Life of Your Instruments with Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

After students, instruments are the most valuable asset in teaching instrumental music. I teach at Lexington Junior High in California, and every day I trust adolescents with these expensive and fragile items with very little supervision. Add to t…

Ukuleles: Why You Need Them

Introduce students to harmony instruments in elementary and middle school with the ukulele — and have a ton of fun doing it!

Fix It: Vibraphone Teaching Tips

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that vibraphone students make.

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Basic Piano Technique

Try these expert tips to fix common errors that piano students make.

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