Yamaha Educator Suite: Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

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    Meet the 2023 Class of “40 Under 40” Music Educators

    These 40 educators — all under the age of 40 — showcase innovative solutions and bold ideas as they establish, grow or improve their music programs.  

  • Dr. Leah N. Claiborne

    A Black Professor Finds Her Voice

    When Dr. Leah Claiborne was a child, she questioned what a Black girl like her was doing studying the music of dead white male composers.

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    Help Students Learn from Failure

    Teach students to learn from their mistakes and turn failure into opportunities for growth.

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    Turning Your “Won’ts” into “Cans”

    Don’t let students who will not participate in the learning process fall through the cracks. Turn them into participating, contributing class members by asking them questions and not accepting non-responses.

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My Introduction to Orff

Exploring the social aspect of music as proposed by Carl Orff in the 1920s, opened a music educator’s eyes.

Teach Composition to Older Beginners Using Kodály Philosophies

The Kodály Concept, which focuses on singing and physical movement, is a great way to help high schoolers connect to music.

Proactive, Reactive and Restorative Disciplinary Measures

Understanding why kids misbehave is complex and challenging. Here are some tips on the best ways to handle disciplinary matters.

Work With Your Strengths

What is the VIA Survey, and can it help reveal your super teaching powers?  

How to Deal with Common Stressors

Being a music educator is a stressful job. Here are tips to deal with some common stress-inducing situations.

Zen, Qi Gong and Music

During the pandemic, an initiation into the Zen Buddhist community changed a music educator’s perspective of music-making and teaching.

A New Recording Studio Reinforces Auburn’s Interdisciplinary Approach to Music

Realizing that the music industry is about more than artistry, Auburn University has added business and technological components to its music department — namely a new recording studio as well as a Music Composition & Technology major and a Commercial Music degree.

“Lean into Change” is the Driving Force Behind the SEMO Jazz Program

The jazz program at Southeast Missouri State University has experienced tremendous growth and expansion thanks to the innovative vision of Dr. Joseph Jefferson.

Case Study: Modern Music and Tech in Beginning Strings

With off-the-beaten-path lesson plans and performance opportunities, an orchestra director has higher student engagement, retention and overall program growth.

Q&A with Yamaha Master Education Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis explains how great art and music can make you a better person. He uses his voice to emphasize the importance of music education.

Set Up Your First-Year Flutes for Success

It can be challenging to teach an instrument like the flute if it isn’t your primary instrument. Here are some tips to set up your first-year flutes for success, even if you don’t play the flute very often. But first, let’s tackle the obvious ques…

7 Ways to Help Band Directors Tackle Strings Education

The skills you have honed to be a successful band director and performer can be applied to tackle strings education.

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Snare Drum Basics

Try these expert tips on fixing common errors that snare drum students make.

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Basic Piano Technique

Try these expert tips to fix common errors that piano students make.

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