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Yamaha Educator Suite: Building the Next Generation of Music Educators

  • happy elementary student during percussion lesson

    Build Rapport in High-Need Schools

    In Part 2 of this series, we explore ways to build rapport with students, parents, administrators and community partners.

  • concert orchestra

    First Festival Success Guaranteed!

    Be prepared for this exciting step in your career with our real-world guide that includes detailed planning mixed with the need for adaptability so you can enjoy the moment.

  • drum corps members playing on mounted mallet instruments

    Add Versatility to Your Front Ensemble

    With a durable field frame system, you can mount cymbals, toms, snare drums and more, providing percussionists with an array of sounds within arm’s reach.

  • young girl sitting in front of open laptop and wearing headphones

    Music Tech in the Elementary Classroom

    See how National Standards can meet music technology competencies for elementary school students.

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5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

It’s exciting to teach composition, but what do you do when your students hit a creative roadblock?

Reclaim Time

These small purchases, adjustments and mindsets will help save time and make your job easier.

Off the Page, Part 2: Explore Simple Melodies by Ear

In part 1 of this series, we looked at five ways to go “off the page” and use pop music to teach musical principles. In part 2, we will look at ear training.

Refueling for the Educator’s Soul

When the going gets tough, rekindle your love for the profession with these 10 simple yet meaningful guidelines and ideas.

15 Ways to Navigate Imposter Syndrome

From self-doubt to standing ovations, learn how to conquer the feeling of being a “musical fraud” and truly own your role as a music educator. You’re not just playing notes, you’re playing a pivotal role in your students’ lives.

20 Ways to Set the Tempo for a Great School Year

Remember these quick practical tips, foundational ideas, insights and philosophies to remind you why you chose teaching music as your career.

USC Thornton’s New Initiative: Young Artist Project

Classical music majors must showcase how they drew connections between musical performance and another area of study in a unique, individualized senior year presentation.

An Afro-Centric Curriculum Promotes Excellence

At Grace M. James Academy, a middle school for girls in Louisville, Kentucky, the orchestra director explores a unique strings education methodology.

Interdisciplinary Development Between the Arts

West Covina High School’s Performing Arts Academy allows students in music, dance and theater to hone their skills across disciplines and work together.

The Many Faces of Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti

Classical, jazz, soundtracks and more — Allen Vizzutti’s career has crossed genres and his clinic teachings appeal to all generations. 

Blending Brass

With so many superhero movies hitting the theaters, it’s ironic to hear ensemble directors tell their students “don’t be a hero” when someone is sticking out in the overall sound. Because of the brass instruments’ powerful directional abilities, b…

New to Teaching Strings?

If you are new to teaching strings, don’t panic. Top string professionals offer advice as you launch into uncharted territory.

Add These 3 Exercises to Your Percussion Practice Sessions

Be a better percussionist by regularly working on your reading, rolls and listening skills.

Fix It: Piano Pedaling Teaching Tips

Fix these common pedaling mistakes that piano students make.