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  • Dr. Joseph Jefferson conducting SEMO jazz band

    Change is Program’s Driving Force

    SEMO’s jazz program has experienced tremendous growth thanks to the innovative vision of Dr. Joseph Jefferson.

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    Funding Your Music Program

    With tightening fiscal constraints, music educators must look to other funding opportunities, including crowdfunding, grants and partnerships.

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    Delayed Gratification

    Look at the big picture to help students during tough times.

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    Brand Your Band

    Your band’s brand should let the greater community in on the magic you and your students create on a daily basis.

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The Performance Mind Game

Try these student-centered approaches to maximize the moment — before, during and after every performance.

Subbing Success

Being a substitute teacher requires flexibility, organization and compassion. Try these tips to succeed.

Turning Your “Won’ts” into “Cans”

Don’t let students who will not participate in the learning process fall through the cracks. Turn them into participating, contributing class members by asking them questions and not accepting non-responses.

Work With Your Strengths

What is the VIA Survey, and can it help reveal your super teaching powers?  

How to Deal with Common Stressors

Being a music educator is a stressful job. Here are tips to deal with some common stress-inducing situations.

Zen, Qi Gong and Music

During the pandemic, an initiation into the Zen Buddhist community changed a music educator’s perspective of music-making and teaching.

“Lean into Change” is the Driving Force Behind the SEMO Jazz Program

The jazz program at Southeast Missouri State University has experienced tremendous growth and expansion thanks to the innovative vision of Dr. Joseph Jefferson.

Case Study: Modern Music and Tech in Beginning Strings

With off-the-beaten-path lesson plans and performance opportunities, an orchestra director has higher student engagement, retention and overall program growth.

Case Study: A Festival that Celebrates Soloists and Small Ensembles

The Solo and Ensemble Festival at San Elijo Middle School showcases the individual work ethic and skill that goes into a performance.

Q&A with Yamaha Master Educator Daniel Berard

Learn how Daniel Berard “found his place” in music and how he envisions a world where all students are artistically and creatively literate.

The Creative Repertoire Initiative

A group of 11 composers and a conductor joined forces to create and promote adaptable music to me…

Women in Music Education

Dr. Emily Threinen, an associate professor of music at the University of Minnesota, talks about g…

Making the Switch: Flute to French Horn

Unlike woodwinds and trumpets, French horns and other medium to low brass instruments are not popular with middle school and high school band members. The reasons so many students choose upper-range instruments seem to stay the same throughout th…

7 Ways to Help Band Directors Tackle Strings Education

The skills you have honed to be a successful band director and performer can be applied to tackle strings education.

10 Things to Know When Buying Front Ensemble Equipment

Do your research and make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing marimbas, vibraphones and other front ensemble instruments.

Fix It: Tips for Teaching Basic Piano Technique

Try these expert tips to fix common errors that piano students make.

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