• Yamaha Products at 2022 NAMM

    Here are some of the exciting new Yamaha products you’ll find on the show floor.
  • Empowered Expression: An Interview with Adam Tendler

    Yamaha Artist Adam Tendler shares his career journey and coming out story for Pride Month.
  • The Music and Work of Omar Thomas

    This Yamaha Master Educator is forging new trails in jazz and classical composition.
  • Under the Lid: The Custom Pianos of J. Elliott and Co.

    This husband and wife team perform piano alchemy.
  • It’s About the Vibrations: An Interview With JUNO

    Keith Urban’s teaching partner has always been one to carve her own path.

    Which Bass Are You?

    RBX, TRBX or BB: Which is your soulmate?

    How to Use Keyboard Pedals

    Playing keyboards involves more than just your hands and fingers. There are also one or more foot pedals involved, and while using them is not mandatory, employing them will enhance your performance. In this article, we’ll show you how. The Sustain Pedal No matter what kind of keyboard you’re using — acoustic grand piano, acoustic upright piano, digital piano or even a simple digital keyboard —…

    The Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE™ Essentials Kit

    What’s inside, and what to do next.

    The Basics of Stride Piano

    How to adapt this classic style to your keyboard playing.

    The Basics of Bass EQ

    In this battle of the bands, there are no losers.

    5 Tips for Playing 5-String Bass

    Here’s how that extra string can make you a better player.

    Yamaha Guitars at 2022 NAMM: A Preview

    A look ahead at what will be on the show floor.

    Focus on the Focus Switch

    The art of the pickup.

    Top 10 Bass Effects

    Spice up your sound with these sonic embellishments.

    Best AURO-3D Scenes and Songs

    AURO-3D® is a multichannel sound format that expands on standard 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound by adding additional height layers that fill in above the left, right, center and surround channels, allo…

    10 Best Songs to Stream on the Beach

    Here’s an ocean-adjacent playlist that pairs perfectly with a cool summer breeze.

    10 Best Live Albums to Own on Vinyl

    For a true concert experience, try these 10 classics.

    10 Best Summer Vacation Movies to Watch at Home

    Enjoy those hot summer nights with these cool films.

    Dedication to the Craft

    Tina Guo on staying true to her creative convictions.

    Going Electric

    Five reasons why today’s orchestral string instruments aren’t always acoustic.

    When Do You Need to Go to a Luthier?

    How to keep your string instrument healthy and sounding great.

    What Is a Fractional Size Violin?

    There is a violin that’s sized right for you.

    Five Benefits of Joining School Orchestra

    Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime.

    How to Prepare Your Child for School Orchestra

    Navigating the first journey into musicianship.

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