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  • Maria Finkelmeier’s Multi-Sensory Music

    Exploring themes of identity and the collective human experience.
  • Yamaha Products at NAMM 2024

    Here are some of the exciting new Yamaha products you’ll find at NAMM 2024.
  • The Prince Piano At NAMM

    Celebrating a special instrument Yamaha made for the legendary artist.
  • Eight Iconic Vinyl Records By Women

    Explore the diverse range of female artistry in these timeless works.
  • First Look: New Yamaha Pacificas

    Taking a classic to the next level.


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    Evolution of the Modern Piano: From Dulcimer to Disklavier

    Most historians agree that the piano was invented in the early 1700s by Bartolomeo Cristofori, but its lineage actually goes back much further than that — all the way to ancient times. Let’s take a look at the long and fascinating evolution of the modern piano — one of the most popular musical instruments ever created and a mainstay of so many different kinds of music, from classical to jazz, p…

    Mastering Syncopation

    Learn to navigate through tricky two-handed rhythms.

    Best Jazz Piano Solos

    Check out these seven “must-hear” performances.

    Taking Your Guitar on the Road

    Traveling with a CSF-TA TransAcoustic.

    Alternate Bass Tunings

    It’s a great way to get fresh new sounds.

    How to Play Shuffles on Bass

    Tips and techniques to help you master this essential groove.

    How to Play Bass Guitar Harmonics

    Add sparkle to your basslines with these bell-like tones.

    Top Baseball Video Games

    In 1961, inventor John Burgeson created the first-ever computerized baseball simulator game. In the decades since, there have been literally hundreds of video games released that, at least in part,…

    Eight Iconic Vinyl Records By Women

    Explore the diverse range of female artistry in these timeless works.

    Spotlight on the Yamaha HA-L7A Headphone Amplifier

    Taking headphone listening to a whole new level.

    Cellos Rock!

    It’s the secret sauce to many pop hits.

    Eight Great Tips for Learning Violin

    How to develop good habits for a lifetime of playing enjoyment.

    Five More Things You May Not Know About String Instruments

    From their origins to their construction, there’s a lot to learn.

    Dedication to the Craft

    Tina Guo on staying true to her creative convictions.

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