• Dawn Chorus: Augmented Reality With a Disklavier

    A conversation with the artist behind the concept.
  • Empowered Expression: An Interview with Adam Tendler

    Yamaha Artist Adam Tendler shares his career journey and coming out story for Pride Month.
  • The Music and Work of Omar Thomas

    This Yamaha Master Educator is forging new trails in jazz and classical composition.
  • Under the Lid: The Custom Pianos of J. Elliott and Co.

    This husband and wife team perform piano alchemy.
  • It’s About the Vibrations: An Interview With JUNO

    Keith Urban’s teaching partner has always been one to carve her own path.

Which Bass Are You?

RBX, TRBX or BB: Which is your soulmate?

Here’s What to Look for When Shopping for an Acoustic Piano

There is nothing quite like the joy of playing a real piano. The feel of the keys and the beauty of the tone — produced by felt hammers striking metal strings resonating through a massive wood soundboard — is an experience that is difficult to replicate with a purely digital keyboard. When shopping for an acoustic piano, you should of course pay close attention to the touch and tone of each ins…

Buying Your First Digital Keyboard

Here’s how to navigate the many options out there.

What’s the Best Piano for Your Room?

A guide to selecting optimum piano size.

Authentic Bass Playing

How to adapt your style to different musical genres.

How Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar Technology Works

The magic behind chorus and reverb effects in the air.

Giving the Gift of Guitar

Four things you need to know (when you don’t know anything about guitars).

Desktop Amp Buying Guide

There’s a model that’s just right for you.

How to Choose Your First Guitar

Looking to find the instrument that’s right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose Your First Bass

There’s never been a better time to jump into the low end.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Great Sound

It’s that special time of year again! Here are some great audio gift ideas from Yamaha for the music lover or movie aficionado in your life. Earbuds TW-E7B True Wireless Earbuds [caption id=”attach…

How to Shop for Wireless Headphones

Find the best headphones for your lifestyle.

10 Best Rock Albums to Own on Vinyl

Ready to rock out? Try spinning these classics.

Ear Candy

Sonic surprises abound when you listen to these tracks on earbuds or headphones.

Five More Things You May Not Know About String Instruments

From their origins to their construction, there’s a lot to learn.

Dedication to the Craft

Tina Guo on staying true to her creative convictions.

Going Electric

Five reasons why today’s orchestral string instruments aren’t always acoustic.

When Do You Need to Go to a Luthier?

How to keep your string instrument healthy and sounding great.

What Is a Fractional Size Violin?

There is a violin that’s sized right for you.

Five Benefits of Joining School Orchestra

Give your child the opportunity of a lifetime.

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