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Metaverse Gaming

Ready to be transported into an alternate reality?

The metaverse is the future of gaming.

A bold statement perhaps, but the alternative digital universe allows people to interact with one another online in a variety of ways, from trading information and cryptocurrency to engaging socially and playing games — all from the comfort of home. Today, many of us are on the web via phones or laptops. In the near future, we may don VR headsets and find ourselves in new, all-encompassing worlds, some even of our own creation.

Metaverse gaming in particular is predicted to be one of the hot new trends in the coming years, but even now, there are myriad options. Gamers can become virtual miners, farmers, warriors, parents, pet owners, goalkeepers in the World Cup or pilots in outer space.

Ready to be transported into an alternate reality? Here are some of the top titles that do just that.


Fortnite is actually several platforms in one. Its Battle Royale mode enables up to a hundred people to fight until the last one is standing, while Save the World mode is a cooperative mission-based game. While both are exciting, Fortnite Creative is where things really get fun. There, players can design new intricate worlds, a practice (known as “sandbox” mode) that will surely get more advanced as technology progresses. Fortnite recently hosted a viewing party for Timberland’s new clothing line, as well as music video events for MTV featured artists — all virtually. Preview it here.


Roblox is a platform that hosts games and allows users to create new ones and new worlds. Released in 2006, the company was operating modestly until around 2020. Since then, it has expanded to some 164 million monthly active users and today hosts 50 million user-created games. The platform’s interface is bright, simple and accessible, and has become a favorite for children. The game Adopt Me, for example, allows kids to raise their own virtual pets. The platform, like many others, incorporates its own virtual currency, Robux, which players can earn through various tasks and trades. Preview it here.


This platform offers a life-like digital existence by allowing users to create avatars and purchase accessories and virtual real estate via cryptocurrency. And if a player “owns” land, they can construct houses, hotels and businesses that they can rent out to other users for a fee. To earn more currency, gamers can also put on digital concerts and sell tickets to other digital events they create. Preview it here.


Here’s another popular platform that allows users to create avatars and design objects like vehicles, plants and animals. You can then sell these designs in the Sandbox Marketplace for a virtual currency known as “Sand.” As a bonus, the Sandbox platform also allows users to design new 3D games without needing to know how to code. Preview it here.


Inspired by the world of Pokémon, this title allows players to create, breed, fight and customize countless characters called “Axies,” which can be bought and traded using virtual AXS currency. (The more developed the Axie, the more value it garners between players.) The cartoonish Axies, which also collect wood and build up their surroundings, can even have offspring, which themselves boast their own unique powers and traits. Preview it here.


Within this sci-fi fantasy title, players get to develop their characters as well as obtain digital land, with the goal of increasing their value. Here, groups of adventurers head out to battle others, which are either controlled by other players online or by a computer. Preview it here.


In this offering, gamers are trapped on an alien planet and must figure out a way to escape. To do so, the characters explore the world at large, solving puzzles and interacting (and sometimes fighting with) aliens. Gamers can play solo or with other players on the planet as they maneuver through the foreign land, pointing and clicking the mouse on various objects to see what secrets they might hold. Preview it here.


Set in space, as the name suggests, this title asks players to mine Trilim (the game’s currency) from six planets, each of which has its own elected government that can be influenced depending on how much loot a player has. The more time and effort you put in, the more sway you have in the game. Preview it here.


In this immersive single- or multi-player game, you grow virtual crops, take care of livestock, fish, build structures and mine precious gold. If you need help, tools can be purchased via the AtomicHub market, where you can also trade the produce and perishables (like milk and eggs) that you harvest. But watch out for thieves and other unwelcome guests on your farm, because danger is afoot at any moment! Preview it here.


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