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Scary Video Games

Monsters, mysteries and mayhem.

People often enjoy feeling frightened around Halloween. Each year, many of us dive into movies and media that make the hair on the backs of our necks stand up. Whether it’s revisiting a favorite horror flick or immersing yourself in a scary video game, being shocked and surprised by ghouls and ghosts has become a favorite pastime, especially around the end of October.

In this article, we’ll investigate eight of the most blood-curdling video games, all of which are made even more impactful when played through a dedicated gaming mixer like the latest Yamaha ZG Series mixers.

1. BLOODBORNE (2015)

Nothing is quite as scary as the dark, and this game is intentionally dimly lit. Here, the main character, known as the Hunter, traverses a Gothic, Victorian-era-inspired town where those still living are afflicted with a blood-borne disease. The Hunter must discover the source of the illness by deciphering the region’s quandaries and beating back the sickened beasts. To do so, he utilizes weapons like a massive axe, swords, guns and more. And all the sounds you hear as you play are the heavy breathing of your enemy, random rattling chains and the steps you take in darkened staircases. Preview it here.


Do you know the Slender Man? He’s a fictional tall, lanky villain with a white visage, black clothes and no facial features, and he’s on your trail in this title. So watch out! Set in a dense forest at midnight, players must search to find eight pages of notes from various spots in the woods. The problem is, you’re being chased, and visibility is low. In fact, you can hardly see a thing — just a limited circle of light from a flashlight keeps you from total darkness … and your batteries may run out! If you manage to collect all the pages, daylight will come. But if not, you’ll just be another victim of the Slender Man. Preview it here.


Supremely life-like, this title may have you thinking you’re actually in the game. Your mission, as protagonist Ethan Winters, is to find your long-missing wife as you wander a plantation otherwise left for dead. Literally. What’s more, you’re being hunted by a diseased family trying to take you down. A telephone rings and you get your cryptic directions for your next move. Everything is a mystery as you try and figure out where you are, what you’re doing and ultimately how to escape. Survival is the name of the game — in other words, it’s classic Resident Evil. Preview it here.

4. SILENT HILL 2 (2001)

This title is both creepy and eerie. Protagonist James Sunderland ventures into the town of Silent Hill, Maine, after receiving a letter from his deceased wife who tells him she’s waiting for him there (despite having died from illness three years prior). There’s only the sounds of your footsteps to keep you company and monsters around every corner … and on the rare occasions you’re alone, the fear of an attacker looms large. Along the way, you’ll encounter other humans: A teenage runaway, a precocious eight-year-old and a woman who strangely looks just like James’ wife. Prepare yourself for cold shivers and lots of adrenaline rush. Preview it here.


Your name is Daniel. You’re in a darkened castle with no memory of how you got there. And all you care about now is maintaining your wits and sanity. But this is no easy task, as you must traverse the castle and figure out puzzles to aid in your escape. Stay in the shadows too long and your mind goes mad, with hallucinations that decrease your chances at fending off attacking monsters. Find the light, restore your mind. The catch? Daniel cannot fight against foes. He can only flee. Scary side note: This title features an actual “afraid of darkness” meter, which says a lot. Preview it here.

6. OUTLAST (2013)

The sky is fire; the air, ash. And you, Miles Upshur, are investigating an old, decrepit psychiatric hospital located in rural Colorado. Miles is a freelance journalist and he’s on the job, digging into a tip he got about experiments being done on people in the asylum. But perhaps he wouldn’t have taken the gig had he known the hospital was populated by homicidal patients! Corpses line the hallways; danger lurks around every corner. He even has to outwit a crazy priest along the way — is nothing sacred? But Miles has weapons he can fight back with, right? Nope! He can only hide or try to sneak past them, staying in the shadows. Preview it here.

7. INSIDE (2016)

Guard dogs bark. A boy slides down a bumpy hill. Masked guards wave their flashlights. The surroundings are dark, grey, hopeless. The only way through is to solve scary puzzles. For example, parasitic worms cause farm pigs to run wild. The protagonist, called the “intelligent boy,” can use them to help in his escape. But where the boy finds himself next is a zombie-filled city. Gulp. His trump card? The boy can use a convenient mind control helmet to get the greying bodies to assist in the escape. But watch out for “the Huddle,” which is a blob made of human limbs that may be controlling your brain! Preview it here.


Based on the Alien film series (so you know it’s going to be unnerving!), this title casts you as Amanda Ripley, daughter of the movie’s heroine Ellen Ripley, as she searches for the reasons behind her mother’s mysterious disappearance aboard a shiver-inducing space station. An alien creature is running rampant, causing carnage, and Amanda must find a way out. She also must find a flamethrower to thwart various enemies, from hostile humans to robots, along the way. And the whole time Amanda is chased by the alien, she cannot defeat it, only circumvent or evade the creature. You can use tools to track the alien, but that might mean — ugh! — giving away your location. Preview it here.

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