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Four Benefits of Having a Professional Do Your Home Theater Installation

An expert will save you time, stress and in the long run, probably money too.

We’ve all been there. You think the do-it-yourself (DIY) route will not only save you money but also help you avoid the hassle of finding the right person — and someone who might be coming into your home at a time that’s inconvenient for you. Some projects are less daunting than others, such as installing a sound bar with a couple of wireless speakers. But as the number of components in your home theater system continues to grow, so does the complexity and your ability (and spirit) to take on their installation.

Before you get past the point of no return, here are four reasons why you should consider hiring a pro to install your home theater:

1.  Much less research is required

You can easily find the right person for the job through a quick internet search or by asking a friend or two, and then you won’t need to spend hours on end watching online instructional videos or scouring the hardware store for some random tool you may never use again. Hiring a professional installer will save you tons of time by letting you rely on the expertise of someone who does this type of work daily.

2.  You can get the job done well regardless of the level of expertise required

You might consider yourself a jack of all trades but there’s always somebody who can do it better. A pro will also usually know ways to do things that can save you money as well as time, like whether or not to drill holes or use a different product. They can also troubleshoot a difficult situation that you might make worse with an uninformed decision. Plus, most professional installers offer service and support should additional questions arise or further work be required.

3.  Stress reduction

We all have more than enough stress in our lives without having to add more. It’s all too easy to work up a sweat and suffer through a migraine when running speaker cables through your walls that might accidentally put holes in your pipes. Instead, why not avoid the hassle and allow a pro to take on the full scope of the project? Sure, it may cost some money out of pocket, but it’ll save you from freaking out over how expensive it would be to replace whatever it is you might have damaged while attending the school of hard knocks. Plus, it’ll help free up your time to focus on other projects for which you’re better suited.

4.  There’s probably a lot that an installer knows that you don’t

If you consider yourself the next Bob Vila, then this part’s not for you — but let’s face it, most of us are not on that level. Few people are experts at both carpentry and installing electrical components in their homes. Professional installers not only have the knowledge to be more efficient, but they can provide you with options you might not be aware of. Not only might an installer help keep you from spending thousands on unneeded repairs and home updates, they may open up possibilities for integrating other components of your home into a system as smart as your theater, including lighting and security.

Taking on a home theater installation project by yourself, with the potential savings in money that goes along with it, is certainly doable, especially if you’re handy around the house. But some things — like expertise and peace of mind — are often well worth a little extra coin. Leave it to a professional instead and you’ll likely end up spending more time enjoying your home theater than fixing it.


To find a Yamaha dealer, use our dealer locator here. If you’re looking for a custom installer for a specific brand like Yamaha, we recommend you search locally (with a search engine or social community website) using the terms “home theater custom installers.” Availability of custom installers may vary based on region.

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