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Making Movie Night Better Than Ever

YPAO DRC: Hear all the sound effects even at low volume.

One of the great pleasures in life is enjoying a favorite movie in the comfort of your own home. For many people, that’s the only way they watch movies. Who needs the crowds of the multiplex, the distracting glow of cell phones, the people talking in the row behind you – not to mention the ticket prices?

The Old Days: Wearing Out the Volume Control

The YPAO™ Dynamic Range Control (DRC) feature offered by many Yamaha AV receivers is one of the reasons that watching movies at home is better now than ever before. (“Dynamic range” refers to the difference between the softest parts of the audio and the loudest.)

Before this innovation, you often had to turn up the volume in order to clearly hear dialogue, especially during quiet passages. Then, mere seconds later, the scene would change and suddenly loud audio – dramatic music or an explosion – would come bursting out of the speakers, making everyone jump. Then, of course, you had to turn the volume down, only to have to raise it again a few minutes later when machine guns started chattering or bombs started flying. The annoyance factor was off the charts!

Getting It Right

YPAO DRC puts an end to all that. Featured in the entire line of AVENTAGE and RX-V series AV receivers, this advanced technology compresses the dynamic range of the sound track. It raises the volume of the quietest sounds to make them audible, while decreasing the volume of the loudest ones, resulting in a more comfortable listening experience.

Voila! No more startled jumps when the scene switches between whispered conversation and the lobbing of hand grenades. No more “Dang, these commercials are so loud!” complaints interfering with the enjoyment of your favorite TV show. With YPAO DRC technology, your sound is always perfectly attuned to you.

And better sound, of course, means better entertainment. No wonder more people than ever are watching movies at home!

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