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Seven Thanksgiving Movie Scenes to Stream This Season

Feast your ears on these classic clips.

Thanksgiving is a time of family, food and remembering what you’re grateful for. It’s also a time to stream your favorite flick and bask in how other people celebrate the holiday. What could be better than that? Nothing — except doing so with a high-quality audio system, of course.

So turn the volume up a little, sit back in your sofa or favorite easy chair and enjoy these classic Thanksgiving movie clips.

1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – In Wichita

Perhaps one of the most beloved Thanksgiving movies, this comedy stars two all-time greats: John Candy and Steve Martin. The two meet as strangers but, thanks to a hectic travel schedule, they become good friends. Martin’s character is trying to get out of Wichita (and away from Candy) and home to his family in time for the holiday. The planes are packed, but maybe … a train could be an option? Watching these two actors work together is a joy … as is listening to them. Every tone of voice, every inflection in a joke’s delivery — even the rockabilly tune in the background of this scene — is a hit. Check it out here.

2. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Peppermint Patty

It’s not the holiday season without Charlie Brown, whether you’re talking The Great Pumpkin on Halloween; the scene with the frail pine tree during the famed Christmas episode; or here, when Charlie gets a talking-to from Peppermint Patty on Thanksgiving. It’s an indelible (and inedible) moment during the kids’ outdoor feast, which Snoopy ensures is replete with jellybeans, popcorn and toast. But Patty isn’t having it; she wants turkey legs and cranberry sauce. And like an angry sax solo, she berates Charlie over signature Peanuts smooth jazz rhythms, which ends up being as timeless as the cartoon itself. Check it out here.

3. Scent of a Woman – The Dining Room Fight

It’s always worth turning the volume up when the great Al Pacino is on screen. The actor has been nominated for an Academy Award® nine times, but his sole victory came not for his work with The Godfather, but in 1993 with Scent of a Woman. In this scene, Pacino’s character, a blind retired army man, is a bit racy, but that’s just the sort of cringe-worthy atmosphere we’ve come to expect at the holiday dinner table at times, right? Once things get heated, you can hear each picture frame rattle. Check it out here.

4. The Big Chill – The Kitchen Cleanup

Kicking off any scene with the Temptations is always a winner. This clip utilizes the group’s unforgettable song, “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” combining a classic American hit record with a classic American hit movie scene, along with one of the most relatable moments of Thanksgiving: the post-dinner cleanup and leftover foil wrapping. We should all take a note from The Big Chill and listen to a little Motown while we take care of our holiday chores. Check it out here.

5. Rocky – Turkey Time Introduction

In this scene from the Oscar®-winning film, brother Pauly is trying to do right by his sister, Adrian, by introducing her to his friend, boxer Rocky (Sylvester Stallone), who has long had a crush on her. Adrian is reticent, though; she’s cooked a modest dinner for herself and Pauly and wasn’t expecting company. Soon, the rage of their collective lower-class lives rises, and shouting fills the small Philadelphia home. Yet amidst the uproar, there’s charm to every small attempt at dignity from Adrian and Rocky, and Stallone’s distinct voice will have you hanging on every syllable. Check it out here.

6. Spider-Man – Meet the Parent

It can be a bit awkward when friends and families mix during the Thanksgiving feast, but that normal human experience is made even more heart-racing in this scene because we know that Spider-Man and his enemy, The Green Goblin, are actually in the same room together, about to share some of Aunt May’s stuffing. While the protagonists themselves aren’t aware of this yet, suspicion is growing by the second. Enjoy the superb acting from a bevy of big names (from Tobey Maguire to Willem Dafoe to Kirsten Dunst) and the unique sounds of our hero’s web-slinging … not to mention the subtle splash of a drop of his blood on the hardwood floor. Check it out here.

7. Home for the Holidays – The Bird Can Fly

This movie is not about flashy special effects or outlandish plot twists — it’s just pure, good acting. In this memorable clip, a Thanksgiving meal is ruined after the turkey falls onto an unsuspecting family member’s lap. The rest of the guests find this hilarious, but the accidental recipient is none too pleased about what has happened, to the point where she begins spinning out of control. Our hearts pound, wondering how this will be resolved. If it will be. Check it out here.


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