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These are the Best Pirate Scenes to Watch on Your Home Theater

A pirate’s life for ye.

Let’s face it, there aren’t nearly enough holidays that give you the chance to talk differently. There are plenty of days dedicated to food, like National Sloppy Joe Day, and days dedicated to obscure professions, like National Auctioneers Day, but nothing really comes close to Talk Like a Pirate Day.

What’s even more cool is that, aside from being able to say words and phrases you rarely get to use (like “Yarrrgh!” and “Avast ye, matey!”) you don’t need to make up an excuse for watching great pirate-themed cinematic moments in the comfort of your home theater.

And, just as no two buccaneers are cut of the same jib, there are plenty of movies from all pirate-y walks of life to watch (as well as great sound tracks and effects to listen to) in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day … or any day, for that matter. Here are our top picks.

1. Captain Phillips – “I’m the Captain Now.”

Filled with spine-tingling suspense, this is the moment when the Somali pirate leader makes it known that he is in cha’rge of Captain Phillips’ doomed freighter. The scene offers up great acting, a powerful score and tension thick enough to cut with a knife. Check it out here.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – Jack Sparrow vs. Barbosa

As the benchmark for modern day pirate movies, and the juggernaut that would launch a multi-million dollar franchise, this film set the bar high. Led by Johnny Depp’s excellent performance as Captain Jack Sparrow, it’s got everything from exciting ship battles to romance to daring sword fights, like the one in this clip. Note the combination of music and clashing swords, as well as some great back-and-forth dialogue that will make you choose between pirate accents when you quote it with friends. Check it out here.

3. The Goonies – “Hey You Guys!”

Few scenes have the staying power of this epic moment when Sloth and Chunk unite to save their friends in this classic adventure flick … and none stand out more from a pirate’s perspective. Check it out here.

4. Hook – Peter Pan Confronts Captain Hook

This 1991 live action sequel to Peter Pan may have the cheese factor dialed up to 10, but it also features great performances from Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, as well as an amazing film score by John Williams. Keep an ear out for little details like swords clanging and feet shuffling on the deck of Captain Hook’s ship. Check it out here.

5. The Princess Bride – The Sword Fight

If you’re not a fan of standard pirate talk, here’s an alternative, courtesy of the witty banter in this scene between the Dread Pirate Roberts (Carey Elwes) and Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin). This classic movie duel is fun to watch on any home theater but even more so when you’re listening over a quality sound system. Check it out here.

6. Summer Rental – The Love Boat

Sometimes you just need a laugh. Such is the case with this silly sailing scene that features John Candy and Rip Torn drunkenly singing the theme to “The Love Boat,” accompanied by the sounds of water sloshing against the side of the boat and ship bells in the distance. Check it out here.

7. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World – “Straight at ‘Em.”

Although set in 1805 during the war between the British and French navies, and therefore not officially a pirate movie, the characters often talk like pirates by using nautical and sailing terminology. This is a great flick to watch with a full surround sound system too. From the rumbling of cannon fire and its aftermath, this opening scene features a wide variety of sound effects, including feet shuffling and sails blowing in the wind. Hold fast! Check it out here.


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