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What Is DTS® Virtual:X?

Yes, your mind is playing tricks on you. And it’s amazing.

DTS Virtual:X™ is the latest innovation from our friends at DTS, the company that brought us DTS:X – the object-based audio technology featured in movie theaters and many Yamaha sound bars and AV receivers.

DTS Virtual:X uses proprietary audio processing techniques inside the sound bar to create spacious 3D sound – including the sensation of height – from any content, and without the need for in‑ceiling or upward-firing speakers. In other words, you’ll enjoy a wider, higher, more immersive audio experience from your favorite TV show or football game when you listen to it through a DTS Virtual:X-enabled sound bar such as the Yamaha SR-B20A.

Unbelievable? Well, you better believe it, because your mind does. DTS Virtual:X uses intricate audio cues to tell your brain where sounds are coming from, even when they’re not. The result is ambient sound that seems to surround you while dialogue stays centered. And because these results are achieved digitally – and not from wall or ceiling reflections – it doesn’t matter what the size or shape of your room is.

A sound bar.
Yamaha SR-B20A sound bar.

DTS Virtual:X can take full advantage of a full-blown 7.1.4-channel system to produce stunning three-dimensional sound with robust height channels. And while such a system may be your ultimate goal, DTS Virtual:X can also do wonders with even modest speaker configurations. In fact, it’s especially well-suited for sound bars because of their small form factor.

Thanks to DTS Virtual:X, you don’t need a full-blown home theater setup to enjoy 3D surround sound.


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